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Leopard's Upgrade Options

Reader Lois Roach has a common upgrade question. She asks:


Dexim AV Dock Station With Remote Control

Today's clickwheel iPods, iPod touch, and iPhone are capable of displaying video not only on their displays but also on tethered televisions. You can make such a...


The Button as Last Resort

In these Mac 911 blog entries I tend to stick with tried-and-true advice: If Problem A occurs, Solution B should put your right (and, if not, Solutions C and...

IPhone 3G S and the 'Uh Oh' Moment

While those in the halls of Moscone West (and the rest of us virtually looking on via live updates posted from within Moscone) cheered Apple's many announcements...


Reposition Mail's Preview Pane

Reader Art Martelli would like to change Mail's interface. He writes:

Using Video Playlists on the IPhone/iPod Touch

In what amounts to the water cooler for us remote workers, an email thread was passed around yesterday with this simple query:


Animating the Desktop

Reader Mark Feil would like a more active Desktop. He writes:


Zune HD = IPod Touch? Uh, No....

Blame it on the rain, the resulting muck and mire, or the redwood curtain that separates Cupertino from Redmond, but it appears that news travels very slowly...

Subscriptions, Sonos, and the Second Coming

This week I've written and talked a bit about subscription music services--sparked by Napster offering a new pricing plan that allows unlimited streaming and...

Formatting a Flash Drive

Reader Dan Coates believes in recycling (or, at least, reformatting). He writes:

Hands on With Napster

Macworld audio expert Christopher Breen reviews the Napster subscription music service.


Ripping 78 RPM Records to Mac

Reader Gary Kampel motivated me to take on a project I'd been meaning to get to for years. That motivation took this form:

ICal, IPhone, and the Disappearing Senior Citizens

Reader Peter Frank questions Apple's devotion to senior citizens. He writes:


Add Enhanced Audio Track to IMovie

Reader Ralph Svendsen followed some earlier advice about extracting audio tracks from iMovie projects. He'd now like to put one of these audio tracks back but...


Rowmote for IPhone

The Apple Remote Control, once bundled with a variety of Mac models, is now an optional US$19 accessory. If you're an iPhone or iPod touch owner who'd like to...