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Kylo Media Browser Makes Web Surfing on HDTVs a Snap

Hillcrest Labs, known for its $100 Loop pointer--a four-button-plus-scroll-wheel wireless input device--has announced the release of its free Kylo browser. Based...


Tips for a Tidier Mac

Spring may be in the air, but if you've spent a long winter packing your Mac with applications, files, and folders, there's a good chance it could use a stern...

Create Stop-motion Animation

Those who've spent much time watching jittering Lego blocks on YouTube, Wallace and Gromit shorts on an iPod, or recent Tim Burton animated films in the theater...


Archiving IPhone SMS Messages

Reader Stephen Bolinger wishes to preserve some of the data on his iPhone. He writes:


MacBook Versus Mini Disc

Reader Lynn did the bad thing. She writes:

Mac User Groups and IPod Accessories

With a few weeks before the iPad madness begins, we turn our attention to less time-sensitive topics. I begin this episode of the Macworld Podcast with an...

Converting AVCHD Files for IMovie

Reader Lew Finch would like his camcorder's content to be in two places at once. He writes:

Where to Store Your Videos

Reader Luis Ortiz seeks my opinion about media storage. He writes:

Backing up an ITunes Library

Having owned a computer or two in your lifetime you understand that, like all things mortal, they and their component parts eventually fail. Should that...


Back up IDisk With Time Machine

Reader Thomas Mayer would like to back up his iDisk. He writes: