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One Mac, Two Time Machine Backups

Reader Carlo is interested in redundant Time Machine backups. He writes:

Enable Bluetooth Sending in Snow Leopard

Reader Nick Bradsworth misses an option he once found in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. He writes:

TidBITS at Expo

I speak with Tonya and Adam Engst of TidBITS and Take Control e-books fame about the state of electronic publishing and what the iPad means to them and the book...

Ben Long Showcases Photography Gadgets

Photographer, author, instructor, and Macworld senior contributor, Ben Long, joins me in the Podloft to talk camera accessories, micro four-thirds cameras, and...


Paul Kent Talks the Future of Macworld Expo

Paul Kent, General Manager of Macworld Expo, joins me in the PodLoft to discuss expectations, highlights, and results of this year's Macworld Expo. We also talk...

Cure for the Common Double-cap

Reader Jim (Gil) Gillivan seeks assistance with his typing. He writes:

Matias TactilePro 3

If you're a veteran Mac user, you're familiar with Apple's legendary Extended keyboards (code-named USS Enterprise, Saratoga, and Nimitz for their massive size)...

Macworld 2010 Roundtable Wrap-up

We close out Macworld Expo by gathering together the minds and voices of Jason Snell, Rob Griffiths, Dan Frakes, Dan Moren, and yours truly. We take the long...

Developer's Perspective on the Show

Boinx Software's co-founder and CEO Oliver Breidenbach joins me at the Macworld Podloft to discuss his company's software, the advantage of Apple not being at...

Cloud Engines Pogoplug

Increasingly, people want to share the stuff on their computers with others across the globe. You can accomplished this with OS X’s sharing services. Or you...

Perplexed by Permissions

Reader Paul Moortgat's Mac appears to be unhappy with a new hard drive. He writes:

Apple and the Importance of Macworld Expo

This week, Macworld Expo opens in San Francisco. And, as everyone likely knows, it's a particularly significant episode of Expo because Apple will not be counted...

Dealing With Incompatible Extensions

Reader Marc Manassian is confused by a warning he sees when booting his Mac. He writes:


Troubleshooting a Missing Apple TV

Reader Mark LeSage finds his Apple TV missing in action. He writes:

Five Rib-tickling Tech Sites

Growing up around Stanford University and the greater Silicon Valley (before it was Silicon Valley) I encountered my fair share of electrical engineers--a...