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Colin Neagle manages blogs for Network World, including but not limited to those published on the Cisco Subnet, Microsoft Subnet, and Open Source Subnet. He also writes feature articles and blog posts about emerging technologies, among other things, and he usually doesn't write about himself in the third person, so please don't judge him by this bio.

Inside the Real Economy Behind Fake Twitter Accounts

How online merchants are building armies of fake Twitter accounts to sell to users, businesses, and maybe even presidential candidates.

Elections Expected to Draw Hacktivist Attacks

Websites covering the U.S. presidential election must prepare not only for heavy traffic but also vandals and hackers.

Windows Phone 8 News is Awkward for Partner Nokia

Microsoft's announcement of a next-generation Windows Phone 8 smartphone OS raises questions of the role of its mobile partner Nokia.

Smartphone Security Is Heading for 'Apocalypse'

The meteoric rise in the smartphone market is creating a dangerous vulnerability in smartphone security - one that may not be patched until the problem expands.

Study: iOS Surpasses Android in Enterprise Usage

Consumerization trends in the enterprise shifted dramatically in the first quarter of 2012, with mobile devices running Apple's iOS operating system showing more activity in the workplace than those running Google's Android, as well as end users migrating from Facebook and toward Twitter.

Microsoft Slams Door on MAPP Leaks, Readies Patches

This week brings a Patch Tuesday of seven security fixes -- three critical -- plus an end to a breach that raised other security concerns.

BYOD Policy Bites Vacationing CEO

Mimecast CEO Peter Bauer recently found himself at the intersection of consumerization and IT management.

DEMO 2012 Products That Cater to the Enterprise

Several companies will be exhibiting new products of interest to small businesses at the tradeshow/conference.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft on Tuesday will Patch Office 2010, IE9

Four of the six security bulletins being released on Patch Tuesday are rated "critical" and will address both operating system and application vulnerabilities.

'Insatiable Demand' for Streaming Video Puts Pressure on Providers

Just as enterprise network managers brace for the flood of bandwidth-consuming content stemming from the NCAA men's basketball tournament, content delivery providers put in a significant amount of time preparing to meet the meteoric rise in demand.


Get Ready for Windows 8 Support Headaches

For all the hype surrounding Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system, significant adoption isn't expected to come from anyone but consumers.

Valentine's-Related Traffic Spikes Cause Heartache for Ill-Prepared Sites

With the last-minute Valentine's Day shoppers increasingly turning to the Internet to make up for lost time, e-commerce companies are doing everything they can to stand out from the pack.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Readies Valentine's Day Windows Patches

The second Patch Tuesday of 2012 will see nine security bulletins, four of which are deemed critical.

How to Prep for Influx of iOS Devices in the Enterprise

Today's realities are forcing businesses to prepare their networks for a continued onslaught of authorized and unauthorized access from a slew of consumer devices, led by iPhones and iPads.