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Windows 8 adoption slows; boost sought with update

Windows 8's user share growth slowed significantly last month, hinting at further trouble for the struggling operating system, new statistics from an analytics company showed today.


Tech advice for your new smartphone, tablet or computer

A one-stop shop that includes help for finding great apps and key accessories, and instructions on how to safely dispose of your old devices.


RIM offers free BlackBerry 10 smartphone

A program to help prepare business customers for the next-generation OS includes a free handset.

Apple's Mountain Lion Clears 10% Bar: Now Powers 1 in 10 Macs

Apple's OS X Mountain Lion now powers more than 10% of all Macs, and may be on the way to outdoing its predecessor, Lion, in adoption speed, an online advertising network said today.

Companies Brace for Olympic Challenge: Live Streaming of Games

IT managers in businesses and governments are taking steps to ensure that the Summer Olympics do not bust networks or budgets.

Twitter Jumps on 'Do Not Track' Bandwagon

True privacy can be hard to come by in the socially enabled online world, but Twitter on Thursday announced that it has joined Firefox maker Mozilla in taking a big step forward for users.

Enterprise Social Tools Need to Be Highly Mobile

Executives at AstraZeneca, a global pharmaceutical company, know that it's not enough to provide social collaboration tools for their employees. Those tools...

Hands-On With Windows Server 8 Beta

The Metro user interface doesn't serve well as the default for a server OS, but so far the ingredients for success are here.

Google Targets Microsoft's Enterprise Turf with Chromebooks

Google is targeting the enterprise with its cloud-based notebooks that make it easy for companies to manage their computer systems.

U.S. May Spread Terror Alerts on Facebook, Twitter

The U.S. government may start issuing terror alerts using Facebook and Twitter, according to a news service report.

31 Essential Smartphone Apps

A roundup of our best-loved 31 apps for the iPhone, Android phones and other smartphones.


Microsoft Puts Hand on Office XP Plug, Ready to Pull

Microsoft today reminded customers that it will pull the support plug for the aged Office XP in July.

NASA: Technical Glitch Crashes $424M Glory Mission

A rocket carrying a satellite designed to help scientists study the Earth's climate suffered a technical failure and may have crashed.

Mobile Gadget Users: Ruder than Ever, Study Shows

Mobile device etiquette keeps going down the drain, a survey reveals.


AT&T May Lose 26% of iPhone Owners to Verizon, Survey Shows

More than a quarter of iPhone owners now using AT&T will switch to Verizon, a U.S. consumer survey said today.