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'Cool Stuff' 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Check out the best tablets, smartphones, HDTVs and other tech gifts to give and get this year.

Apple on Track to Sell 7.6 Million iPads in 2010

Apple says it has sold more than two million iPads since it launched the tablet two months ago.


AT&T, Sprint Launch Low-Price, High-Style Phones

AT&T and Sprint Nextel launched new phones with a focus on style, quick connections, and lower costs.


Watch Out: Spammers Aim at Google Buzz

It didn't take long for spammers to start harvesting the resources of the newest social network, warn Websense security analysts.

iMac Update a Failure -- New Displays Continue to Flicker

According to Apple's own support forum, owners of Apple's 27-in. iMac say the company's firmware update released earlier this week has not solved their flickering display problems.

Microsoft Patch Fixes Office 2003 Lockout Bug

Microsoft on Saturday fixed a bug that locked out Office 2003 users from accessing documents safeguarded with the company's rights-management security technology.

Microsoft Workers Unveil Office Suggestion Site

Two Microsoft employees have created an online suggestion box where users can submit feature or fix requests for Office.

Microsoft Frees Linux Drivers; Will Other Vendors Step Up?

Microsoft's move to release three of its drivers to Linux could put pressure on other closed-source vendors to follow suit.


Microsoft Rebuffs Twitter Protest Over Outlook

Showing again the power of Twitter for quick social organizing, Microsoft was forced to defend itself against complaints about Outlook.

Best Buy Inflates Pre Price to Deter Advance Purchase

Although it doesn't go on sale until June 6, the Palm Pre is already appearing on the Best Buy Web site for a whopping $849.99.


Lenovo Device Delivers E-Mail via BlackBerrys

Business travelers will be able to use their BlackBerry smartphones to automatically forward e-mail to their ThinkPad notebook with a new device.

Juicy Predictions for '09

A group of industry pundits offer their boldest predictions for the companies, technologies and trends that will have a prosperous 2009 -- and those that won't.

Data Centers Cut Budgets

About half of all data centers surveyed say they're cutting back in 2009.

Next Windows? Just Windows 7, Microsoft Says

Microsoft says it's sticking with Windows 7 as the official name for its next operating system.


How to Equip Your PC With SSD for About $200

You'll find some pretty great rebates on SSD online.