PC Shipments Will Rise 20 Percent in 2010, Researcher Says

Global PC shipments will top 366 million units this year, according to a new forecast from Gartner.

British Hacker Loses Another Extradiction Appeal

The U.K. Home Minister says Gary McKinnon must face his charges in the U.S., as the latest in a line of rebuffs.

UK Businesses Waste PC Power, Study Says

The Alliance to Save Energy urges a change in attitude and practices of leaving systems on at night.

Put Twitter to Work

Gartner offers a business guide to Twitter as a useful resource but security risk.

Is Cloud Computing Vaporware?

Be wary of putting critical applications out of local reach, Ovum researchers suggest.

How Green is Your IT Department?

Establish a 'green baseline' now to better determine how to improve sustainability later, Forrester analysts suggest.

Tech Staff Admit They'd Steal Secrets If Laid Off

A survey reports 88 percent of IT staff would take sensitive company information with them when dismissed.

Watch for Security in the Clouds

Analysts expect security services administered through cloud computing will triple by 2013.

Enterprise Architects are Vital in Tough Times

Time for enterprise architects to prove their worth, says analyst group.