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Google Invests $300 Million in Hong Kong Datacenter

The first of three new Asian datacenters is expected to begin operation in 2013.

Steve Jobs Interview: One-on-one in 1995

In this interview from the Computerworld Honors Program's Oral History project, Steve Jobs talks about his life and his work during his exile from Apple. It's a rare look at Jobs before he returned to Apple.

Google Targets Microsoft's Enterprise Turf with Chromebooks

Google is targeting the enterprise with its cloud-based notebooks that make it easy for companies to manage their computer systems.

White iPhone 4, iPad 2 Ship in Hong Kong

Finally the white iPhone 4 and iPad 2 have hit Hong Kong.


U.S. May Spread Terror Alerts on Facebook, Twitter

The U.S. government may start issuing terror alerts using Facebook and Twitter, according to a news service report.

Microsoft Puts Hand on Office XP Plug, Ready to Pull

Microsoft today reminded customers that it will pull the support plug for the aged Office XP in July.

NASA: Technical Glitch Crashes $424M Glory Mission

A rocket carrying a satellite designed to help scientists study the Earth's climate suffered a technical failure and may have crashed.

Mobile Gadget Users: Ruder than Ever, Study Shows

Mobile device etiquette keeps going down the drain, a survey reveals.


AT&T May Lose 26% of iPhone Owners to Verizon, Survey Shows

More than a quarter of iPhone owners now using AT&T will switch to Verizon, a U.S. consumer survey said today.


'Cool Stuff' 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Hacking, Phishing Cases Jump in Hong Kong

Companies team to fight hacking and phishing cases, which were up 34 percent year-on-year.

The Top Green IT Organizations: Green From the Ground up

To reduce your company's carbon footprint, learn from these 12 IT departments reducing power demands and increasing efficiency.

Top 12 Green IT Vendors 2010

Technology vendors and data center suppliers were also invited to participate in Computerworld's search for the Top Green-IT Organizations.