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Data Thief Was a 'Computer Addict,' Lawyer Says

Gonzalez was one of three individuals indicted Monday in federal district court in New Jersey on charges related to massive data thefts.

Microsoft Workers Unveil Office Suggestion Site

Two Microsoft employees have created an online suggestion box where users can submit feature or fix requests for Office.

RSA Software Boosts iPhone Security

The encryption company finds a way to turn the iPhone into an authenticator, addressing enterprise concerns.

Keep XP in Tip Top Shape Long After Vista is Dead

Get a closer look at some of the programs you can use to get Vista's features in XP -- and to keep XP operating smoothly for a long, long time.

Microsoft Frees Linux Drivers; Will Other Vendors Step Up?

Microsoft's move to release three of its drivers to Linux could put pressure on other closed-source vendors to follow suit.


Microsoft Rebuffs Twitter Protest Over Outlook

Showing again the power of Twitter for quick social organizing, Microsoft was forced to defend itself against complaints about Outlook.

Best Buy Inflates Pre Price to Deter Advance Purchase

Although it doesn't go on sale until June 6, the Palm Pre is already appearing on the Best Buy Web site for a whopping $849.99.


Do Star Trek and the Rest Get Tech Right?

Analysis: Six advanced technologies and where they sit in the movies and in reality.

Windows 7 Speeds on Solid State Drives

Microsoft endorses running Windows 7 on PCs equipped with solid-state disks for better performance.


French Hacker Cracks Into Twitter

Twitter should harden its security, IT security and control firm Sophos says.

Earth Day: 10 Steps For Greening an IT Department

In a down economy, going green is good for both the planet and your business. Here are 10 ways to make it happen.

Facebook Celebrates 200 Millionth User

Social networking site celebrates by teaming up with 16 charities and advocacy groups.

UK Businesses Waste PC Power, Study Says

The Alliance to Save Energy urges a change in attitude and practices of leaving systems on at night.

Put Twitter to Work

Gartner offers a business guide to Twitter as a useful resource but security risk.

DC Tech Arrests Raise Security Issues

Federal charges of bribery by IT officials in DC creates a potential tech security nightmare.