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Lenovo Device Delivers E-Mail via BlackBerrys

Business travelers will be able to use their BlackBerry smartphones to automatically forward e-mail to their ThinkPad notebook with a new device.

Security Expert: Microsoft Should Sever IE From Windows

Microsoft would better protect users by severing Internet Explorer's connections to Windows, then patching the browser invisibly in the background.

Wireless, Net Glitches Minor on Inauguration Day

Although cell networks were expected to jam, big problems never materialized.


Increasing Number of Chinese Log On

The number of Internet users in China rose 41.9 percent to 298 million in 2008.

New Botnets Replace Vanquished Pests

Shutting down a spam-friendly ISP banished the Storm and Srzibi botnets, but new threats quickly emerged

Juicy Predictions for '09

A group of industry pundits offer their boldest predictions for the companies, technologies and trends that will have a prosperous 2009 -- and those that won't.

Data Centers Cut Budgets

About half of all data centers surveyed say they're cutting back in 2009.

Is Cloud Computing Vaporware?

Be wary of putting critical applications out of local reach, Ovum researchers suggest.

Hong Kong Man Pleads Guilty in Spam Scam

How Wai John Hui was the CEO of a company whose stock was inflated as a result of an online scam.

Hackers Target China, Microsoft Says

A security report finds that Chinese users are the top target for attacks.

Which Smartphone OS Works Best?

Considering a smart phone? Will it do what you want it to? We tested four major platforms to see which is best for specific tasks.

Microsoft's Antipiracy Method Angers Chinese

An update to the Windows Genuine Advantage anticounterfeit notification and validation technology violates Chinese law, officials claim.

Next Windows? Just Windows 7, Microsoft Says

Microsoft says it's sticking with Windows 7 as the official name for its next operating system.


How to Equip Your PC With SSD for About $200

You'll find some pretty great rebates on SSD online.

How Green is Your IT Department?

Establish a 'green baseline' now to better determine how to improve sustainability later, Forrester analysts suggest.