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Corey Tamas is a communications consultant, a father, and professional musician in Ottawa, Ontario.

What would Jupiter look like if it were the Moon? Pretty flippin' huge

Photographer Ron Miller gives us a little perspective in an interesting series that shows what it would look like if the various planets which orbit our sun were the same distance from us as our Moon.

A tiny galaxy teaches us about dark matter

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine have spotted a tiny galaxy named Segue 2, and its discovery may teach us about one of the universe’s mysteries. Comprised of only a thousand stars, each ten times lighter than expected, it’s one of the smallest galaxies ever found.

Immortalize yourself with a 3D-printed figurine of...yourself

Maybe it’s a matter of personal pride or just garden-variety megalomania, but most of us harbor a wish—however secret —of being immortalized. But instead of a huge bronze statue or an alabaster bust, you can do it on the cheap with a detailed Twinkind 3D figurine replica of yourself.

Mass Effect 2 ship comes to life with this 4-foot-long Lego replica

The way to tell you’re playing a truly great video game is if you find yourself wishing it was real. Just ask high school student Ben Caulkins.

Scientists think they found a planet that shouldn't be there

A cloud of dust grains fills the system around the star TW Hydrae, and in that cloud is an empty swath of space that experts think is caused from a forming planet. The thing is, there shouldn’t be a planet there.

3dim turns your phone into a mini Kinect, turns arm-flailing into commands

A Cambridge, Massachusetts company called 3dim feels your pain, and has won MIT’s prestigious Robert P. Goldberg award of $100,000 to create the first gesture control and 3D sensing camera for mobile devices.

Flyknit uses a Kinect to turn your movement into colorful swirls

When you think of Nike, you may only imagine exhausted runners throwing up on their shoes, but UK digital art studio Universal Everything has something just a bit more elegant in mind.

NASA satellites reveal how melting glaciers contribute to rising seas

A study published in the journal Science demonstrates how NASA satellites can tell us about the state of Earth's glaciers, and the startling degree to which they contribute to rising ocean levels.

Carbon nanotubes could be the future of transistor technology

Though chip transistors have traditionally been made with silicon, a team from USC has developed carbon nanotubes that could replace silicon and allow for faster transistors.

Eidos isolates sights and sounds, lets you tune out that annoying coworker

What if you could focus on one person's voice in a crowded shopping mall? Or focus on just the drummer at a concert? Students from the Royal College of Art are developing a pair of head-mounted devices can do just that.

TitanArm gives you superhuman strength, is the perfect excuse to skip the gym

On this day when the world’s thoughts are turning to a comic book hero with vast financial resources who armors himself in a powerful mechanical suit, it’s fitting that we take a look at a little bit of tech from UPenn that proves Hollywood imitates life.

Save yourself a trip to the body shop with this DIY rear-view camera

With the aid of a Raspberry Pi, you can add a proximity sensor for backing up to just about any car.

#Flock is a Twitter-integrated cuckoo clock that chirps when others tweet at you

The folks at Berg have put their hand to an interesting Twitter-driven cuckoo clock they call #FLOCK, but it certainly isn't for everyone.

Let GLaDOS light your way

A fan of Valve’s game Portal prints a full-size GLaDOS robotic-arm ceiling lamp.

This DOS emulator brings your favorite classic games to the Raspberry Pi

Got a Raspberry Pi? Get your old-school gaming on with Patrick Aalto's rpix86.