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Corey Tamas is a communications consultant, a father, and professional musician in Ottawa, Ontario.

Don’t like Excel? This spreadsheet-based RPG might change your mind

A lot of us buy into the cliché that accountants are boring and uncreative, but Cary Walkin has shown us how assumptions make an ass out of 'u' and me.

Jupiter's moon Europa shows signs of salt water beneath its icy surface

Astronomers have believed for a number of years that Europa, one of Jupiter's most well known moons, might have a liquid ocean that could harbor life beneath its icy surface. We still don't know for sure, but a new finding shows that Euopra's oceans may be a lot like those on Earth.

Separate your Oreo cookies like a pro with this machine

Like a lot of people, we at GeekTech are kept awake at nights worrying about whether or not our Oreo-separating needs are ever going to be taken seriously. Enter Minnesotan toy scientists Barry Kudrowitz and Bill Fienup.

Filabot turns recyclable plastic into 3D printing material

Those with their fingers on the pulse of the hot geek trends will already know a lot about 3D printing and all it has to offer, but the expense of burning through so much costly plastic can be off-putting. Enter the Filabot.

SiriProxy lets you control almost anything in your home from your iPhone

Put a cool new technology in front of a community of intrepid geeks and, before you know it, they’ll band together to make them do jobs which were never originally imagined for them.

DIY TV Loudness Guard keeps ear-splitting commercials at bay

Among the many reasons that television commercials suck is the ridiculous volume increase that often goes along with them. One hardware modder devised a solution to this problem.

Huge Breakout game takes up the side of a building, doesn't break real bricks

If you ever thought the video game Breakout could be harder, better, faster, or stronger… then you would have enjoyed what design firm We Come In Peace did recently at the Valencia Lumières et Images Festival in Spain in December 2012.

3Doodler brings your poorly drawn critters to 3D-printed life

Sketching on a notepad is quaint, but if you really want to embrace the future of doodling, then check out the 3Doodler.