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How to Boost VoIP and Video on Your Network

Improving quality of service on a busy network can lead to smoother voice calls, video conferences, and streaming media. Here's how to get noticeably better results at little or no expense.

How to Share Printers on a Network

Sharing printers across a network distributes their cost as well as their functionality. Here's a quick network printing guide for small businesses.

What You Need to Know about IPv6

A fundamental change in how the Internet works is likely to come in the next few years. Failing to plan now could cause your business to miss network security and performance benefits, and to suffer higher costs and painful outages.

Can Non-Apple Tablets Compete Against the iPad?

This week nearly a dozen tablets are on display at the Computex Taipei trade show. Can any of them compete against Apple's iPad?


10 Top-Notch iPhone Apps for Enterprise Users

Take a quick slideshow tour of these must-have business productivity apps for the world's smartest smartphone.


PC vs. Mac: Snow Leopard Bests Windows 7

Windows 7 is a worthy rival, but Mac OS X Snow Leopard is the better operating system by a whisker for discriminating professionals.


Small Business Server 2008 Gets 'Small' Right

Microsoft's revamp of SBS takes the sting out of setup and admin for IT-challenged shops, without sacrificing the functionality that all businesses need.

Your Own Private YouTube

Review: Google Video adds easy video-sharing to Google's cloud-based business collaboration tools.


Can You Really Live Without Microsoft Office?

Open source and cloud computing alternatives can replace Office in some circumstances.