2 Million Counterfeit Items Removed From EBay

Online auction site defends fake goods policy.

EBay Yanked Millions of Scam Items in 2008

EBay denies criticism of how it handles hoaxes, saying the service delisted 2.1 million counterfeit items last year.

Why Pope Benedict Monitors the Internet

First there was iBreviary, the Vatican-approved daily prayer book for Roman Catholics for the iPhone. Now, the Vatican has realized it needs to pay better attention to the Internet.

iPod Shuffle, Take Three: Form Trumps Function

Analysis: Apple's attention to design dominated the development of its most affordable digital music player.

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Google Voice, eBay Put Pressure on Skype

Introduction of a VoIP rival plus comments by parent eBay's CEO dim Skype's prospects for prosperity.

Gaming Industry: Are Casual Titles Key to Console Success?

NPD has just released data that describes video game software sales for 2008.

Police Use Social Networks, Fake Profiles in Investigations

If you happen to accept every friend invitation you receive on Facebook or MySpace, you may want to start rethinking that idea.

Facebook Engineers Go Hacking

Facebook's engineers stay up all night working on site improvements or features that its users will appreciate.

Is It Adultery If It was in a Virtual World?

A couple that married in Second Life as well as offline is being divorced in both worlds as well.

Did Social Media Decide U.S. Presidential Election?

Race or age or experience or running mate alone did not determine the results of the election.

Second Lifers Split on Linden Lab's Open Spaces 'Compromise'

Linden Lab oversees one of the most successful social virtual worlds in existence, but it is still struggling with residents about how Second Life should be governed.

Yahoo to Pull the Plug on Y!Live in December

Y!Live, one of the projects from Yahoo's Brickhouse, has been killed, according to an announcement on the Y!Live blog.

Political Junkies Get Their Election Fix From Twitter

Twitter has become a favorite tool of serious news junkies.

Does Child Porn Fight Threaten Privacy?

Analysis: Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's battle against child pornography raises issues of industry ties and civil rights.