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A pop culture junkie, Damon is co-founder of the iPhone app Quote Unquote (www.quq.me) and author of the TED book Our Virtual Shadow: Why We Are Obsessed with Documenting Our Lives Online.

Combat Creatures

U.K.'s rock 'em sock 'em robots—Combat Creatures—come to the U.S. this fall (video)

Already a hit in the United Kingdom, the English-company Wow! Stuff is bringing the Combat Creatures robots to North America and Australia this fall.

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TechHive: The Coolest Tech in The Dark Knight Rises


Some of the biggest stars in The Dark Knight trilogy are the wonderful gadgets and technology. Let's take a look at those in the newest movie.

Million-Dollar Lawsuit for Running Into Apple Store Glass Doors?

An 83-year-old woman sues Apple because she accidently ran into one of its glass store doors and broke her nose.

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The $8 Billion iPod: Entrepreneur Rob Reid Ridicules Music Piracy Claims

The co-founder of Listen.com satirizes the absurdities of "Copyright Math" in a much-viewed TED talk.

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Givit Offers FlipShare Users a Helping Hand

Givit, a private video sharing service, will provide support for FlipShare, the exclusive Flip camera sharing network.

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Rdio Overhauls UI, Improves Music Discovery

Music streaming service Rdio has gotten a major user interface overhaul.

Tablet Users Disappointed in Website Load Times

According to a survey, 70 percent of tablet users expect websites to load as fast, if not faster, than their home computers, and 41 percent have experienced crashes or slow load times.

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Apple's Alleged E-book Price Fixing: What You Need To Know

The Justice Department is warning Apple and its publisher partners they may have to answer for their pricing model.

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Apple's New iPad: 2 Missing Features

The inclusion of a haptic display and Siri would have made the new iPad much more appealing.

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TED Conference 2012: Way More to it Than Flying Robots

Attendees were treated to discussions of how cockroach science applies to humans and how close society is to android interactions.

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How Chomp Could Improve Apple's App Store

Apple has acquired Chomp -- this could be a very good thing.

Obama's Internet Bill Of Rights Will Be Hard to Enforce: Here's Why

Let's take a closer look at the major points of the president's timely announcement on online rights.

Google Glasses Are a Prescription for Disaster

Doesn't it seem like a bad time to develop digital displays in front of our eyes when they don't want us even texting on our phones in autos?

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Microsoft Office to Become Available on Apple's iPad? Don't Believe the Hype

Redmond denies rumors that Office will be available soon to iPad owners. Besides, the numbers just don't add up right now.

Three Ways I Want Apple to Improve iTunes

Apple is working on an update to the iTunes Store, according to reports. While it's busy at work, here are three improvements I'd like to see.

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