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Dan writes about OS X, iOS, utilities, cool apps, and troubleshooting. He also covers hardware; mobile, audio, and AV gear; input devices; and accessories. He's been writing about tech since 1994, and he's also published software, worked in IT, and worked as a policy analyst. You can find him on the web at danfrakes.com.

Harman Kardon Announces SoundSticks III

Audio manufacturer Harman Kardan on Tuesday announced an updated version of the company's venerable SoundSticks 2.1 (subwoofer/satellite) computer-speaker...

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PowerTunes 1.1.3

A few years back, I covered iPhoto Library Manager, a great utility that lets you easily manage--and even transfer photos and albums between--multiple iPhoto...

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QuoteFix for Mail

When it comes to e-mail etiquette, I'm old-school. For example, I always use plain text instead of styled text or HTML when composing messages. But perhaps my...

iPod Nano Gains Multi-Touch Display, But Loses Video Capability

In it's biggest makeover yet, the nano gains Multi-Touch but loses features and screen size.

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The Summer of Mac Gems

The Mac universe is filled with lots of free and low-cost software--what we like to call Mac Gems. Macworld Senior Editor Dan Frakes covers a couple of programs...