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NewerTech NuGuard Clear

Newer Technology's NuGuard Clear case isn't an iPad sleeve, and it certainly isn't an iPad bag. Rather, it's a clear, rigid, polycarbonate shell that snaps...

Essential Mac Utilities: Launchers

Chances are you launch apps and open files dozens of times a day. And if you're using the Dock, the Finder, or Spotlight to do so, chances are you could do so...

Fuze Box Updates Web Conferencing

Fuze Box has updated its Fuze Meeting online conferencing service. It's hoping the improvements will give it an edge over rivals WebEx and GoToMeeting.

Quickly Create .tar Files in Finder

You probably know that you can quickly create a compressed file archive in Finder by selecting the files to be compressed, Control-clicking, and selecting...

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Improve Battery Life by Hibernating SSDs

If you have a Macbook Air (or any other laptop, for that matter) with a solid-state drive, you can increase its battery life by forcing it to hibernate instead...

Use Google to Convert Office Doc to PDF

Hints reader nkal reports that he was recently trying to print a .DOCX document--which he'd created at work using from Word 2008--on his home printer...

Reduce Amazon Download Clutter

By default, the Amazon MP3 Downloader application will automatically add downloaded files to iTunes for you. But, also by default, it doesn't clean up those...

Dropbox: Beyond the Basics

My hands-down favorite new Mac app of the past year or so has been Dropbox. One reason I like it: I keep discovering new things it can do.

First Look: iWork for iPad, A Multitouch Office Suite

If the iPad wants be taken seriously as a business tool, it's going to need an office suite. So far, the best examples of same are Apple’s own iWork apps—Pages, Numbers, and Keynote ($9.99 each). How much work can they really do? Here’s a first look.

IPad Keyboard Dock

Sure, the iPad has its own onscreen keyboard. But the awkward ergonomics--how do you hold the iPad at a good viewing angle and type at the same time?--don't...

Expo: MacPractice Preps for IPad

MacPractice can't wait for the iPad.

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Dan-and-DaveCast 2010

Following in the footsteps of last year's wildly popular DanCast, which featured Macworld editors, Dan Miller, Dan Frakes, and Dan Moren, we now present the...

Microsoft Announces Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft provided the most extensive look yet into the next version of the Mac version of its popular Office suite on Thursday at Macworld 2010. The new...

Apple Announces IPad

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad today. Positioned between a smartphone and a laptop, the tablet does many of the same things as the iPhone, but on a...

Apple Announces the iPad

New tablet splits difference between smartphones, laptops.