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Dan has been writing about all things Apple since 2006, when he first started contributing to the MacUser blog. Since then he's covered most of the company's major product releases and reviewed every major revision of iOS. In his "copious" free time, he's usually grinding away on a novel or two.

Apple Brags: 3 Million iPads Sold In 80 Days

Apple is boasting once again its iPads are selling like hotcakes. Tuesday it announced that it’s sold 3 million iPads in the first 80 days of availability.

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Apple iOS 4: Complete Review

The fourth version of Apple’s mobile operating system,iOS 4, arrived Monday. Here is the full review of iOS 4’s Mail, photo apps, folders and multimedia features.

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Remains of the Day: NYT vs. RSS

The day after an Apple event is always a special time to catch up on the hundreds of unread items in my RSS feed--well, unless they're from The New York Times...

Hands on with iPhone 4

Jason Snell and Dan Moren got their hands on an iPhone 4. Here's a first look.

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Quick Tips to Foil Mac Break-in Attempts

As Mac users, many of us don't spend as much time worrying about security as our counterparts on other platforms. While it's true that Macs don't encounter as...

Live Update: WWDC Keynote

Jason Snell, Dan Moren and the team will be on hand as Apple hosts its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Steve Jobs will deliver the keynote address to kick off the show.

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Apple Confirms Steve Jobs Keynote for WWDC 2010

You might think that this year's Worldwide Developers Conference will be low on surprises, what with the whole iPhone prototype affair, but one thing you can...

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Remains of the Day: Steve Jobs E-mail With a URL

We play a little game of "what happened to the Microsoft employee?" And everybody seems to want to know what Steve Jobs is thinking. Here are the remainders for...

Survey: IPad Making Inroads, Users Satisfied

Six weeks into the post-iPad world, has Apple's tablet really had an impact? According to a pair of surveys by ChangeWave Research released on Thursday, the...

Remains of the Day: Pig Pile on Apple

Geez, it must be pile-on Apple day. Both Sony and Google have taken shots at Cupertino, but at least Apple managed to escape a crazy lawsuit and can rest assured...

Apple Reverses No Cash IPad Purchase Policy

Been itching to walk into an Apple Store and plop down a briefcase full of cash for a brand new iPad? Well, at long last you now can. Apple has reversed its...

Google Acquires Simplify Media for Streaming Technology

Back in March, we lamented the removal of Simplify Media's apps from the App Store. The company's apps allowed you to stream music and photos from your home...

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Remains of the Day: Apple Trademarks Stores, Wave's for All

What do Google Wave, Apple Stores, and Vietnamese forums have in common? They all figure prominently into the remainders for May 19, 2010. Also, they're all fun...

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Remains of the Day: Tweetie's MIA, Jobs for President

You wouldn't necessarily think of politics and Apple as two spheres that often collide; I think that's because Steve Jobs would view politics as too...

First Look: MobileMe Mail Beta

For many of us, e-mail is the most prominent facet of our Internet lives. As such, how we interact with our e-mail is important: it can mean saving us valuable...