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Security Researcher Warns on UAE BlackBerry Replacements

A security researcher warned that receivers of a BlackBerry replacement in the U.A.E. should scan their new phone for spyware.

ISuppli Warns of Looming DRAM Shortage

Market researcher iSuppli warned Monday of the risks for a looming shortage of DRAM, the main memory used in personal computers.

Actress in HP Scandal Sorry Hurd Lost His Job

Jodie Fisher named herself as the contractor in the HP sexual harassment case and noted her regret that Hurd lost his job.

Zynga Buys Japanese Social Game Maker Unoh

Popular social game developer Zynga Game Networks has acquired Unoh and plans to use the Japanese game maker to launch mobile products in Japan.

Age Discrimination Suit Against Google Will Go Ahead

A court case filed by a former Google employee alleging he was wrongfully fired due to his age will go to trial, the Supreme Court of California ruled.

Acer Debuts New Dual Android, Windows XP Netbook

Acer's latest crack at combining Google's Android mobile software and Microsoft's Windows XP OS in the same netbook was unveiled Thursday.

Acer Revenue Falls in Q2 Amid European Debt Woes

Acer's revenue declined in the second quarter compared to the first as the value of the euro in its biggest market, Europe, fell.

Intel-TSMC Pact on Atom Chips to Remain on Hold

Intel has no near term plans for TSMC to produce its Atom processors, but their relationship remains intact, a spokesman for the Intel has said.

Samsung Scores Record Q2 Profit on Chips, LCDs

Samsung Electronics reported a record operating profit in the second quarter driven by strong sales of memory chips and LCDs, it said Friday.

LG Says Android Tablet Due out in Q4

LG plans to launch its first tablet device in the fourth quarter, running Google's Android mobile software, it said Thursday.

TSMC Sales, Profit Hit All-time Highs in Second Quarter

TSMC reported its highest quarterly net profit and sales ever in the second quarter, and predicted the third quarter will be even better.

LG Expects to Launch a Few Windows Phone 7 Mobiles This Year

LG will ship a few Windows Phone 7-based smartphones this year, and invest more in Linux, too.

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Adobe Acquires Web Software Maker for US$240 Million

Adobe Systems has agreed to buy Web software maker Day Software Holding in a deal worth US$240 million, the company said in a statement Wednesday.

Kindle Screen Maker Will Increase Capacity to Meet Demand

E Ink said it's dedicated to increasing capacity to meet the requirements of the market, after Amazon revealed that its US$189 Kindle had sold out.

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Amazon Sells out of $189 Kindle

Amazon.com is sold out of the US$189 version of its popular Kindle e-readers, and potential buyers will have to wait for new stock to come in.

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