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Rambus Sues Broadcom, Nvidia, Four Others, Over Patents

Chip developer Rambus has filed patent infringement lawsuits against six chip makers including Broadcom and Freescale Semiconductor in the U.S., and said it is...

Samsung Notches 1 Millionth TV App Download

Samsung Electronics, the world's largest TV maker, announced the one millionth download of apps aimed at high definition TVs on Thursday.

Groupon Adds Four More Countries in Asia Amid Google Rumors

Groupon, the Internet deal site that Google reportedly plans to buy for US$5 billion, expanded in Asia by buying three websites in the region for an undisclosed...

Asustek Unveils Low-cost Eee Note E-reader, Notepad

Asustek Computer on Monday unveiled the Eee Note EA-800, an e-reader with a stylus for taking notes on its 8-inch touchscreen. The device will be available in...

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Report Says Apple IPad 2 to Have 2 Cameras, USB Port

Rumors continue to swirl over Apple's next generation iPad, and one reliable Taiwanese newspaper says the new device will be out in the first quarter of 2011...

DRAM Prices to Keep Falling Through the First Half of 2011

The price of DRAM, the main memory inside personal computers, will likely keep falling throughout the first half of next year before a recovery takes hold...

Flexible Screens on the Way for E-readers

Flexible screens as thin as a piece of paper may be available for e-readers by early next year thanks to a project from Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research...

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Wikileaks Promises Release 7 Times Bigger Than Iraq War Logs

Wikileaks has promised to release a load of information seven times bigger than the Iraq War Logs

Arm Readies Processing Cores for 64-bit Computing

Arm will unveil a processor roadmap that includes its first 64-bit processors within the next few weeks, sources say.

Arm in Talks With Google Over Web TV

Arm Holdings is in talks for its chip technology to be used with Google TV, the software technology aimed at putting the Internet on television sets everywhere.

Amazon Goes Hollywood With New Online Movie Studio

Amazon is going Hollywood with new online studio Amazon Studios to use the Internet to find fresh movie ideas and turn them into major motion pictures.

Intel Seeks Spot for Atom in the National Footbal League

Intel is working with universities, clinics and helmet makers to improve football helmet safety through technology.

Intel Sued by University of New Mexico

UPDATE: The University of New Mexico filed a lawsuit against Intel on Monday alleging the infringement of a patent related to advanced chip manufacturing.

Global Processor Spending Slows in 'skittish' Q3, IDC Says

IDC says the market for microprocessors slowed during the third quarter as consumer demand slackened.

Motorola Retaliates With Lawsuit Against Microsoft

Motorola files a lawsuit against Microsoft alleging the infringement of 16 patents, including in Microsoft's PC, mobile and server software.