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Dan Rosenbaum has been reviewing Microsoft Mac software since 1985. He's the editor-in-chief of Center Ring Media and writes daily at Wearable Tech Insider.

HTC ThunderBolt: Hefty, Nifty, and Very Fast

The ThunderBolt finally dropped onto the market on March 17, with only a day or so warning, just as Verizon's iPhone hubbub was subsiding. When a movie gets this much hype but is snuck out into the market, it's usually a very bad sign. Not so with the ThunderBolt, which is a hefty but nifty piece of technology.

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Google Nexus S: Gingerbread in an Unlocked Cupboard

Because of the way the U.S. mobile phone market is structured, it's next to impossible to find an unlocked phone that isn't loaded with bloatware.

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