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Warning: Fake LinkedIn Spam Can Steal Your Bank Passwords

Bogus LinkedIn emails can infect your computer with ZeuS, a password-stealing Trojan. I know, because it just happened to me.

A-Teams of IT: How to Build a Crack Strike Force

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Build a crack special ops team ready to tackle the toughest IT assignments.

Will the 'Facebook Phone' Become a Privacy Nightmare?

Rumors are swirling that Facebook is getting into the smartphone business. If true, that could be bad news for you and me.

Beware the Computer Police State Policies

Analysis: A recent U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling expands the Feds' ability to cull evidence from your computer. Feeling paranoid yet? You should.

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Hey, Zuckerberg: Privacy Really Does Matter to Us

Four out of five Americans have information on their PCs they want to keep private, says Harris Interactive. Time to start listening to them.

Hacked! How We Got Attacked by Malware Fiends and Survived

Analysis: Yes, my Web site was hacked. What was almost as damaging, though, were the tools set up to warn people about it.

Facebook Takes the Pain Out of Online Stalking with Subscribe Feature

The social network giant is testing a feature that makes it easier to follow a single person's activity but will it become a stalker's best friend?

IT Personality Types: 8 Profiles in Geekdom

A rogues gallery of the oddballs who populate the wonderful world of IT.

Facebook Simplifies Online Stalking

Facebook is testing a feature that makes it easier to follow a single person's activity. Will it become a stalker's best friend?

Is Apple's Ping a Haven for Spammers?

Analysis: Apple's Ping is a new iTunes-based social network. Unfortunately, it's already beset with a very old problem: rampant comment spam.

How to Fall Flat on Your Facebook

If you're going to use Facebook, don't be a Faceboob. It could cost you your job, your marriage, and your freedom.

How to Murder a Flash Cookie Zombie

Flash cookies can be used to track you across the Web without telling you. Here's how to cut their heads off.

Friends Don't Invite Friends to Bogus 'Free Apple iPad' Events

Do you desperately long for an Apple iPad? Don't accept any invitations to Facebook iPad events. You'll be sorry.

Facebook Dislike Button: It's the Real Deal (Sorta)

It turns out that the Dislike Button isn't a scam -- at least, not this one.

Facebook Dislike Button Is a Fake — And I Dislike That!

A Facebook scam involving a bogus Dislike button has gone viral. Maybe it's time for Facebook to offer a real one instead.