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Dan Tynan has been writing about technology since Mark Zuckerberg was in nappies. A prolific freelance writer whose work has appeared in more than 70 publications, he is the former editor in chief of Yahoo Tech and a longtime contributing editor for InfoWorld and PCWorld.

4 Reasons Samsung Won't Take on Facebook

Analysis: Speculation of a rival social network in the works from Samsung was lively while it lasted, but it simply ain't so -- and here's why.

Facebook, Google Top List of Firms Tracking You Online, Report

Evidon's Global Tracking Report says the biggest Web trackers are Google and Facebook.

'Do Not Track' Trend Draws Advertisers' Ire

Analysis: Microsoft's plan to make Do Not Track the default in IE10 has been killed dead by the ad industry. Anybody surprised?

Microsoft Just Made the Internet a Little More Private for Everyone

Internet Explorer 10 will ship with Do Not Track settings turned on by default. That's good news for you and me; not so good for the online ad industry.

How Companies Buy Facebook Friends, Likes, and Buzz

How easy is it to get a Facebook botnet to do your bidding? All you need is cash, the right software, and a list of fake accounts. I did it in 10 minutes for less than $70.

Zombie Facebook Profiles Thrive: Robot Blondes Invade Social Network

Fake Facebook accounts are flourishing and the social network appears oblivious to the fraud.

This is the Golden Age of Facebook Privacy

After Facebook's IPO, the only way the company can boost revenues is by sharing more and more of your data. So enjoy what little privacy you have left before it's gone.

What Would You Pay for Facebook Love?

Facebook might start charging users to promote their posts to friends. How much is that Facebook post worth to you?

Puppet Masters of the Internet

When these ten guys pull the power strings of the Internet, everyone jumps.

Which Facebook Apps Steal Your Data (and How to Stop Them)

Analysis: Wonder how much of your personal data Facebook apps like Cityville or Words With Friends are sucking down? PrivacyScore has the answer.