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10 Biggest Tech Cover-Ups: Shut Up and Act Like Nothing's Wrong

The list of tech companies that made business mistakes and didn't address them immediately includes Amazon, Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, and Sony, among others.

How to Thwart Cyberbullies on Facebook

Analysis: ZoneAlarm SocialGuard is a good start toward getting Facebook creeps and other threats away from your kids.

Five Big Problems With the New Privacy Bill of Rights

The new Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights aims to protect your privacy from evil data brokers. Unfortunately, it contains more wrongs than rights.

Seven Dirty Consultant Tricks (and How to Avoid Them)

Scope change, empty suits, kickbacks -- beware IT consultants looking to turn your IT project into their cash cow.

Hire an App to Protect Your Facebook Reputation

A new service called Reppler aims to protect your Facebook rep from, well, your own stupidity. I give it an A for effort and a B- for execution.

Obama's New Facebook App Isn't Presidential Material

The Are You In? Facebook app is more tired than wired -- and clearly not ready for the Oval Office.

Fake Facebook Girlfriends are Newest Cloud Service

Analysis: Cloud Girlfriend offers lonely pathetic guys a fake Facebook ladyfriend to fool their friends -- a geek's dream?

Your Face: Starring in a Facebook Ad Near You

Facebook has begun using subscribers' faces in sponsored advertisements. The next stop? Ads inside Farmville and other Facebook apps.

Eight Quick and Easy Productivity Wins for IT

Here are eight ways to help speed progress on critical IT projects and make your department look good.

I Was a Sock Puppet for the CIA

Well, not really. But I could be, and so could you, thanks to a plan by the US military to create fake online personae to spread pro-US propaganda.

I Got Nuked By Facebook

Facebook is waging war on fake profiles. But the real victims may be people who hide behind fake names for very real reasons.


Facebook: A Cop's Best Friend

Analysis: If you are in the midst of committing a felony, you may not want to tweet about it or update your status to reflect that.

Google Wants Your Face

Analysis: Google has filed for a patent on technology that uses facial recognition and social networks to identify you. Creeped out yet?

Planning a Break Up? Don't Do it on Facebook

Breakup Notifier alerts you when friends change relationship status. Dating -- and data mining -- will never be the same again.

Your New Facebook Friend Might Be A Spy

The war between security firm HBGary and Anonymous reveals a new tactic: using fake social network profiles to gather information.