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HouseCall (32-bit version)

This free utility scans for and removes viruses, Trojans, firewall vulnerability and other security problems.

HouseCall (64-bit version)

This free utility for 64-bit Vista and 7 scans for and removes viruses, Trojans, and other malware.

USB Boot Maker Makes Portable USB Drives More Useful

Easy-to-use utility USB Boot Maker creates bootable USB keydrives and hard drives.

Ashampoo Snap Captures Video, Sound, and Screens

Screen capture Ashampoo Snap utility nabs video with sound as well as still images.

HDR PhotoStudio Creates Vivid, Detailed Images

This 32-bit image editor can produce highly detailed, in-depth, full-dynamic-range images by combining several different exposures of the same scene.

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USB Boot Maker

This easy-to-use utility creates bootable USB keydrives and hard drives.

Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory

This very easy-to-use, but rather limited, program creates dynamic interactive Flash slideshows.

SiteSpinner Pro Helps You Design Web Sites That Look Good on Mobile Devices

Comparatively easy-to-learn drag-and-drop Web site program SiteSpinner Pro creates for both desktop and mobile device viewing, simultaneously.

SiteSpinner Standard

This Website design program can create decent sites, without requiring you to use markup.


This easy program cleans up low resolution videos captured on cell phones and other handheld devices.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer Improves Photos Quickly

Inexpensive photo editor Ashampoo Photo Optimizer does a decent job of brightening dull pictures, but it offers very little control.

DSLR Camera Remote for IPhone

Professional photographers with Cadillac-style equipment have long enjoyed the ability to operate a camera by remote control. Such pro-quality remote...

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