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Google adds Indoor Maps just in time for Black Friday

Google updated its Maps service for desktop browsers adding floor plans for over 10,000 indoor locations, just in time for Black Friday deal hunters and directionally challenged holiday travelers.

Firefox app now available for lower-end Android phones

Firefox for Android was only available on phones running ARMv7 chips

nintendo mii

Nintendo's Wii U sells out after launch despite some supply hiccups

Nintendo sold out its Wii U within a day of its release, and is expected to sell 3.5 million of its newest console worldwide by the end of the year. Impatient shoppers can find the $300 console on eBay for a premium.

Researchers offer possible fix for slow public Wi-Fi

The researchers have a new protocol that could speed up connections by up to 700 percent

Skype disables password reset after security flaw exposed

The flaw allowed anyone who knew your email address to gain control of your Skype account

surface ballmer

Surface RT tablet sales ‘modest,’ says Microsoft CEO

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the Surface RT tablet is off to a "modest" start, but is optimistic about the higher-end Surface Pro shipping early next year.

AT&T iPad

AT&T deal slashes $100 off tablets with 2-year contract

AT&T is trying to entice tablet shoppers by offering $100 discounts with a two-year data contract. But it's worth considering the cost of a yearly data plan to determine whether this is a deal.

Jam with Chrome music app moves band practice online

The app uses HTML5 features such as Web Audio API, Websockets, Canvas and CSS3

Samsung sells 30 million Galaxy S IIIs, nudging iPhone

Samsung reports that its Android-based Galaxy S III has sold more than 30 million units worldwide in less than six months, rivaling the latest iPhone sales.

Google Earth 7 adds more 3D imagery to desktop app

The latest version of Google Earth 7 brings the 3D imagery included in the Mac and Windows versions to be on par with what mobile users enjoyed. The desktop app also adds a tour guide feature.

Amazon ad mocks iPad mini

Amazon makes a preemptive strike, attacking the iPad mini in a home page ad comparing the tablets' features before the first minis ship.