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AT&T iPad

AT&T deal slashes $100 off tablets with 2-year contract

AT&T is trying to entice tablet shoppers by offering $100 discounts with a two-year data contract. But it's worth considering the cost of a yearly data plan to determine whether this is a deal.

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Jam with Chrome music app moves band practice online

The app uses HTML5 features such as Web Audio API, Websockets, Canvas and CSS3

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Samsung sells 30 million Galaxy S IIIs, nudging iPhone

Samsung reports that its Android-based Galaxy S III has sold more than 30 million units worldwide in less than six months, rivaling the latest iPhone sales.

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Google Earth 7 adds more 3D imagery to desktop app

The latest version of Google Earth 7 brings the 3D imagery included in the Mac and Windows versions to be on par with what mobile users enjoyed. The desktop app also adds a tour guide feature.

Gigabyte joins Windows 8 party with tablet, ultrabook, and gaming laptops

Gigabyte's Windows 8 lineup includes a slate, a convertible ultrabook, and a pair of gaming laptops -- all of which are powered by Intel processors.

Analyst: iPad mini could be in short supply at first

Expected high demand for the just-announced iPad mini, coupled with shortages on the panel supply chain, might lead to not enough tablets to satisfy market demand, according to NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim.

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Barnes & Noble hacked, bank-card data stolen

Barnes & Noble revealed Wednesday that PIN pads at 63 of its U.S. stores were compromised in September, in what appears to be a sophisticated criminal effort to steal banking cards information and PIN numbers from customers.

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Google releases Windows 8 search app

Google Search for Windows 8 is available free in the Windows Store, and will be an alternative to Bing

android malware

Popular Android apps leak personal data, study finds

Some of the top apps on Google Play are vulnerable to the theft of personal data, including email and login information, according to a study that used fake hotspots and attack tools to assess viability of SSL certificate attacks.

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Google Maps now details the footprints of buildings

Google Maps now offers details about the height and size of structures shown in its maps, calculated by algorithms in the map tools. First to get the new data are major U.S. cities.

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Nokia Lumia 920: AT&T may have exclusive rights for 6 months

A number of training videos leaked online indicate that AT&T has the exclusivity period

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Surface vs iPad vs Galaxy vs Kindle Fire HD: Battle of the $500 tablets

This holiday season you’ll have more tablets to choose from, but which one will be the right one for you?

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Pirates buy more music than legal downloaders, study shows

Music thieves end up buying more music than honest music buyers.

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amazon kindle

Amazon offers ebook refunds in price-fixing settlement

Amazon has posted information for customers who are entitled to partial refunds under terms of a settlement in a price-fixing case brought by most states in the U.S.

Western Digital Wi-Fi extender boasts 3-by-3 antenna array

WD claims the range extender gives a faster and more reliable signal