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Fake Angry Birds games hijack Google Chrome browser

Developers are distributing unauthorized versions of the newest Angry Birds title, and the fakes can hijack the Chrome browser to follow your web travels and display extra ads.

Facebook rules the social networking world with 1 billion users

On Thursday, Facebook says it now has more than 1 billion monthly active users -- more than any other social network in the world.

Scareware con artist fined $163 million by FTC

Kristy Ross tricked more than a million people into paying money to 'fix' nonexistent problems with their computers.

Bing claims 2-to-1 victory over Google in blind search engine 'taste test'

More than half the people indicated that their impression of Bing improved.

HTC juices One X+ smartphone with big spec upgrades (chart)

HTC has made several tweaks under the hood for the One X+ including a processor speed bump, a larger battery, and built-in storage expandable to 64GB.


Unannounced Slingbox devices spotted in Best Buy

Two unannounced updated Slingbox devices were found -- but unbuyable -- in a Best Buy store, revealing some details about the next generation of the hub.

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HP shows ElitePad 900 Windows 8 business tablet

Hewlett-Packard has introduced the ElitePad 900, the company's first Windows 8 tablet aimed at business users. The 10-inch tablet supports pen input and drive encryption. It is scheduled to ship in January, and pricing was not announced.

Google Maps hunters

Google Maps hunters help us discover the (Google Maps) world.

LG Optimus Vu II takes aim at Samsung’s Galaxy Note II

The Optimus Vu II has a 5-inch diagonal display while the Galaxy Note II has a 5.5-inch display

You can now share Dropbox files with Facebook Groups

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that lets Facebook users share their Dropbox files with Facebook Groups.

Google Play Store closes in on App Store with 25 billion downloads

Google accomplished its feat six months after Apple celebrated the same landmark with the App Store.

Google Maps dives underwater for Great Barrier Reef tours and more

More than 50,000 panoramic images of the reefs will be available once the project is completed

Reported Android flaw could wipe your Samsung Galaxy S III

Security researchers found a flaw with Android OS that can lead to an unstoppable remote wipe of Samsung Galaxy S III phones.

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Samsung makes U.S. wait for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean rollout

Samsung starts rolling out Jelly Bean 4.1 to mobile gear, but U.S. customers appear to be last in line to receive the update.

Facebook revamps Messenger for Android, adds texting

Facebook redesigned its Messenger app for Android with a new look for messages and integrated text messages among other improvements.