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Google Play Grows Up: New Developer Policies Will Clean Up Google's App Store

Google Wednesday introduced new developer policies, designed to clean up the Google Play store.

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iPhone Dock Connector: What Going to a 19-Pin Connector Means

Changing from a 30-pin connector could disrupt the iPhone accessory market but it would lower production costs for Apple.

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iPad Mini: What We Know So Far

Apple has previously dismissed the 7-inch form factor for tablets but reports suggest that Apple has changed its mind and is ready to enter the market.

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10 Great Apps for the London 2012 Olympics: Bask in the Glory of Sport

Use these apps to follow your favorite athlete, get quick results, socially network about the Olympics, play games, or even look up rules for obscure sports.

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Google+ Takeout Tool Helps Transfer Data Between Accounts

Now you can merge or transfer one Google+ account with another Google+ account.

Google Nexus 7 Has Hidden Magnetic Screen Sensor

The sensor gives the tablet the ability to wake itself when a magnet is in the proximity of the bezel.

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Sprint Cripples Galaxy S III Via ‘Security Update’: Bye, Bye Universal Search

Sprint is reportedly removing a universal search feature on Samsung Galaxy S III handsets via a "Security Update" in an effort to squelch a patent battle with Apple.

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Google, FTC Near $22.5M Settlement Over Safari Privacy Breach

The fine, the largest ever imposed by the FTC, stems from Google bypassing the privacy settings of millions of Apple users.

Next Kindle Fire Will be Thinner, With Better Display, Report Says

Google's Nexus 7 may soon be greeted with rivals that are smaller siblings of existing tablets from both Amazon and Apple.

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Apple Squashes Bug That Crashed Apps

It's been a tough week for the App Store, as Apple yanks spyware and fixes a server that caused some newly downloaded apps to crash.

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UPDATE: New Android Malware Uses Phones as Spam Botnet

The messages are being propagated through Yahoo’s mail service and promote counterfeit Viagra and other pharmaceuticals.

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Google, Samsung Working on Software Fix To Bypass Galaxy Nexus Sales Ban

The Galaxy Nexus is the latest victim in the legal fight between Apple and Android manufacturers over patent infringements.

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6 Smartphone Fireworks Photo Tips

You don't need a digital camera to take memorable photos of Fourth of July fireworks. Here are some tips and tricks to use with your smartphone to get better shots of those ribbons of light bursting in air.

Facebook Promises Fix for @facebook.com E-Mail Glitch

Because of e-mail synching anomalies, some messages were not delivered to the @facebook.com inboxes properly.

Android App Showcase: 15 of the Year's Best Apps, So Far

We cherry-picked the Google Play store for great Android apps--including games, productivity boosters, money-savers, and more--for your app-using pleasure.

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