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T-Mobile, MetroPCS Roll Out Unlimited Data Plans

The plans are truly unlimited, with no data caps or throttling of download speeds taking place.

Walmart Offers $100 iTunes Gift Card for $80

The new deal means that you can get 20 percent off for a digitally delivered gift card. The one caveat is you have to give Walmart your name and personal information.

Samsung Teases Upcoming Galaxy Note II Launch

In a video posted on its YouTube channel, Samsung gives a glimpse at the new device, which will feature a stylus like its predecessor.

Google Play Smart Updates Save Data Costs and Time

Google has quietly launched delta updates for Google Play apps, offering a more economical way to refresh apps.

Rumor: Apple TV to be Revamped with TV Set on Hold

Apple seems to be working on a set-top box that can carry live TV and online content, not the full-fledged Siri device everyone was expecting.

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Android Flash Player RIP: How to Get it Now That it's Gone

Flash for Android devices is no longer available to download from the Google Play store but there are still places to go for those not ready to give in to HTML5.

Android Reigns as iPhone Sales Stall Ahead of New Model

Samsung was the undisputed king of phone sales, taking 64.1 percent of the market share.

More iPhone Discounts Appear in Anticipation of Update

Even Apple is joining its retailers in trimming prices of the iPhone 4S before the unveiling of the next model, expected in September.

Apple Matches iPhone Discounts Ahead of New Model

Apple is matching discounted pricing of the iPhone at third-party retailers. Many see this as the strongest signal yet from Apple it will release a new iPhone model soon.

Google Takes Aim at Siri with Voice Search on iOS App

Google's feature will debut as an enhancement in the Google Search app for iPhones and iPads, meaning it will be available to more users than Siri.

Demonoid Torrent Site Gets Shut Down by Authorities

Ukrainian authorities raided the site's data center. Demonoid had been unreachable for more than two weeks because of a distributed denial-of-service attack.

4 Things Apple Will Eliminate With iPhone 5 and iOS 6

The latest beta releases of iOS 6 now give a clearer indication of which of Google’s services and features Apple will drop or replace with its own. Look for changes in maps, connectors, SIM cards, and YouTube access in the new iPhone.

iPhone Trade-In Flurry Begins

Seeking a used iPhone, or looking to trade up soon? After-market outlets are seeing an uptick in resales in anticipation of Apple's next-generation release.

Microsoft Looks to Drop Metro Brand

A trademark challenge is apparently prompting Microsoft to rename the colorful geometric interface featured in Windows 8 across platforms.

RIM Unveils Its New 4G BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

Is this new PlayBook RIM's last hurrah in the tablet competition?