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Canon's Mixed Reality headset delivers augmented reality for an eye-watering price tag

Canon's new virtual reality eyewear is powered by a PC and beefier than Google Glass—but at 83 times the cost.

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Google Glass video preview shows previously unrevealed functionality

A new video preview for Google Glass "actually shows how Glass works," complete with a new UI and previously unrevealed features.

Any two Web pages are separated by just 19 clicks, study finds

While it's not quite the six degrees of separation Kevin Bacon is so famous for, a new study finds that your mother's Facebook page isn't that far away from even the seediest corners of the Net.

LG Optimus G Pro

LG's Optimus G Pro challenges Samsung Galaxy Note II

LG Electronics revealed its new Optimus G Pro on Monday, marketing it as a direct challenge to Samsung Electronics' successful Galaxy Note 2.

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Opera switches to WebKit to develop new mobile, desktop browsers

Opera's browsers now have more than 300 million monthly users worldwide

Ultimate Google toolbox: 20 tips, tricks, and hacks

With this arsenal of tips, tricks, and third-party tools, you can bend Google to your will and extract more from its services than ever before.

Google plugs Nexus 4 and Google Now in Grammys ad

Google aired its first prime-time commercial for the Nexus 4 during the Grammy Awards show on Sunday, featuring its Google Now service along with the smartphone.

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BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10 enjoys brisk sales starting outside the US

Early sales data indicates the BlackBerry Z10 is having a promising launch outside the U.S., with strong orders and some retailers running out of stock.

bing apps

Microsoft releases free Bing apps for Office 365

Five new add-ons for Office 365 let you search the Web within a Word doc, add Bing maps to your files, and spell words phonetically.

Chart: How the BlackBerry Z10 stacks up against its rivals

Let's take a look at the new touchscreen BlackBerry's specs to see how it compares to the latest iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone handsets.

Microsoft Surface Pro 64GB comes with only 23GB of available storage space

Tablets usually have less advertised storage space available because of preinstalled software.

Google+ outranks Twitter as no. 2 social network after Facebook

Nobody can hold a candle to Facebook when it comes to the title of ginormous social network. So the battle shifts to the number two spot.

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Facebook blocks competitors from its social data

Facebook's recent restrictions on API access for Vine, Voxer, and Wonder raise some serious questions about who controls your data.

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Google redesigns image search for faster results

The improved image search will arrive in the next few days for all users

Windows Phone 7.8 update expected this month

Windows Phone 7.8 is meant to be a bridge version for older Windows Phone devices

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