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The Coolest (and Craziest) Tech Gear and Trends From Computex 2009

As Asia's largest tech show comes to a close, we round up a Taiwanese buffet of impressive gadgets.

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Computex: Asus Unveils Stylish Eee PC Laptops, Desktops, and Some Surprises

New thin-and-light laptops, touchscreen all-in-one PCs, and superslim displays are among the hot gear Asus showed off at Computex this week. We take a closer look.

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Computex 2009: First-Day Highlights from Asia's Largest Tech Show

Computex Taipei is in full swing, and PC World has you covered for all the big tech news coming from the show.

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Computex: Nvidia-based Netbooks, Desktops and MIDs Take Center Stage

A range of products to use Nvidia's Ion and Tegra graphics platforms.

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Search Google and Wikipedia at the Same Time With Googlepedia Browser Add-on

Instantly view Wikipedia articles for your Google searches.


Instantly view Wikipedia articles for your Google searches.

Wolfram Alpha Google

See Google and Wolfram|Alpha search results side-by-side.

New eMachines Mini PCs Start at $298, Look Pretty

eMachines' new EL1300G Series of compact desktop PCs feature a low price tag, and a more modern glossy-white design.

7 Savvy Tips for the Web Video Underground

The latest on Internet download caps, plus ways to save online video streams, automate TV show torrents, avoid common peer-to-peer dangers, and more.

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ATI Launches Radeon HD 4770 Graphics

With boards based on the chip expected to cost about $99, the 4770 could be an ideal option if you're interested in light gaming and multimedia playback.

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Tested: AMD Launches New Flagship Phenom II CPU

With new CPUs on board, AMD's Dragon platform refresh should compete well against similarly priced Intel setups, especially when overclocked.

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One Ultraportable, Many Ways to Interact

Our concept for a truly flexible, convertible laptop, packed with features.

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A Digital Photo Frame That Goes Beyond Image

Our mashup of the perfect digital photo frame pulls from the parts bins of many different manufacturers.

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Touch Screen All-in-One PCs All the Rage at CES

HP, Asus, Shuttle, and MSI have all unveiled stylish new touch screen-capable all-in-one PCs at CES 2009.

iRiver Wave-Home vs. Touch Revolution NIMble: Fight!

Impressive Internet-enabled desktop video phones that can also play music, photos, movies, and more have been unveiled at CES 2009.

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