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Darlene Storm (not her real name) is a freelance writer with a background in information technology and information security. It seems wise to keep an eye on new hacks and holes, to know what is possible and how vulnerable you might be. Most security news is about insecurity, hacking, cybersecurity and even privacy threats, bordering on scary. But when security is done right, it's a beautiful thing...sexy even. Security is sexy.

Federal Reserve to Monitor Billions of Online Convos for 'Fed'

The Federal Reserve plans to monitor when the word "Fed" is used online, determine the mood of the conversation, and identify "key bloggers" and "influencers."

New Medical Technology: Anti-Hacking Jammers for Pacemakers, Electronic Skin

MIT and University of Massachusetts researchers have developed an anti-hacking jamming device to protect implantable medical devices.

Mobile Phone Eavesdropping Made Easy: Hackers Crack GPRS Encryption

How creepy would it be if it were easy to snoop and intercept all those texts, emails and photos you send over your mobile phone?

Android App Brings Hacking Tool to Novices

Analysis: Just what the world needs: another killer mobile app for the clueless who want to hack but need only to push a couple buttons to find targets or to take control of computers and servers.

Lethal Hack - Wireless Attack on Insulin Pumps Could Kill People

In a dramatic Black Hat presentation, security researcher Jay Radcliffe explains how an attacker could remotely control an insulin pump and potentially kill a person.