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Alienware M15x (with Core i7-920XM)

If money's no object and mobile gaming is your goal, the Core i7-fueled M15x strikes a reasonable balance between size and speed.

Dell Latitude Z600

We're still waiting on final test results, but Dell's created a future-forward bit of tech that's good for the status-seeking businessman. Everyone else: Look on from afar.

The Dell Latitude Z600 and a Tale of Two Bloggers

Is Dell's new wireless laptop charger ho-hum? Darren thinks not.

HP Mini 311-1000NR Netbook

The first Ion netbook delivers on its promise: The first affordable netbook that can support games and HD video has arrived.

HP Envy 13

If it looks like a MacBook and feels like a Macbook, it's got to be from Apple, right? Wrong! The Envy 13 is the PC's answer for slim, stylish computing. Only more expensive.

Die, Shovelware, Die!

The "bonus" software that comes with your new laptop is never really free.

Toshiba Satellite T135-S1310WH

Toshiba’s bright and shiny CULV-based ultraportable offers good features and a pretty good value.

Hands-On: Intel Core i7 920XM Laptop Field Test

As news officially breaks on the Core i7 Laptop processor, we've got a test machine in-house to tell you how it performs. Here's a hint: It's fast.

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Dell, Alienware Invade With Core i7 Laptops

Intel's new CPU shows up in the Dell Studio 15, 16, 17 and the Alienware M15x

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Asus UL30A

Slick looks, a CULV processor and a huge keyboard make Asus' new ultraportable a laptop worth a second (and maybe even a third) look.

Ion- and Tegra-Based Netbooks, Plus Multitouch and MacBook-Mimicking Notebooks

A lot can happen for notebooks inside of one day. Watch what happens when one editor has to write about them all (or most of them) in a 24-hour span.

Nvidia's $200 Netbook: "Better Than Atom"

Tegra chips can do more than drive a Zune HD -- how about a cheap netbook?

Fujitsu LifeBook T5010 Doubles Down With Multitouch

Fujitsu's Tablet PC gets a dual-digitizer option for $100

Hands-On: HP Mini 311-1000NR

HP's next netbook boasts nVidia's Ion platform.

Lenovo ThinkPad T400s Multitouch Screen: A Fingers-On Look

One of our current favorite all-purpose laptops just got that much cooler.