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Play Games With Your Resume

Use games to hone marketable skills while blowing off some steam.

Hands-On With the nVidia Ion Platform

Yes, you can play games--and 1080p video--on a desktop the size of your palm.

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7 Stupid Tech Videos

Lighten your mood after a crummy week with these geeky, goofy video clips.

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Alienware m17 Desktop Replacement Notebook

Alienware, best-known for expensive, high-performance PCs, delivers a good gaming laptop at a reasonable price.

HP TouchSmart tx2

A slightly underpowered CPU choice gimps an otherwise decent consumer tablet PC.


There's no denying the sex appeal of this not-quite-a-netbook model, but the price is a little too steep for what Sony's VAIO P offers.

Four Freaky Half-Life 2 Mods

Video games based on Bollywood, mimes, dishwashing, and…corn? This week, play some incredibly odd--and creative--student-made mods for Half-Life 2.

Karma Cab

Drive a cab and conduct conversations with passengers in this rhythm game written by students.

A Corny Voyage

Trace the human digestive tract in this unusual racing game designed by students.

Dish Washington

Chores were never so much fun as they are with groovin' crocodile Dish Washington.

It's Mimetime!

Race against time to solve an invisible maze in Paris--as a mime.

Classic Apple II Games That Inspired Today's Greats

A quick trip through some classic Apple games, how they inspired stuff you're playing now--and how you can play them for free.

Affordable Gateway Laptops Debut

Gateway introduces two new lines of sub-$1000 laptops--the MD and the UC--at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

AMD, Via Battle Intel's Atom

Competition in the mobile-CPU market will feed the growth of a new class of affordable but powerful ultraportable laptops.

Dell Studio XPS 16 All-Purpose Laptop

The newly announced Dell Studio XPS 16 emphasizes both form and function--at a reasonable price.