Hands-On: HP Mini 311-1000NR

HP's next netbook boasts nVidia's Ion platform.

HP Pavilion DM3 One-Ups the dv2

A quick look at HP's super-slim, super sleek netbook/notebook hybrid that costs $549.

Viliv S7 Netbook Tablet PC

If you can get past the tiny keyboard and moronic mouse, the S7 is a potent little portable that puts many other netbooks to shame -- but that's a big "if."

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HP Mini 110

Take HP's Mini 1000 netbook, but make it less expensive and a little thicker. That, in a nutshell, is HP's Mini 110.

Acer Aspire One AO751h

Acer's AO751h is a good-sized netbook that gets marred by a miserable mouse button.

Sony VAIO W Series

It's got some flair -- and some issues -- but Sony's netbook is bound to find a fashion-conscious audience.

Essential (and Cool) Laptop Gear

Have a look at 14 of our favorite functional (and fun) notebook accessories, whether you and your laptop plan to hit the road or park in your home office.

Get a 17-inch Laptop for $350 This Sunday

Bargain hunters: Hit Walmart this weekend for a dirt-cheap desktop replacement notebook.


Sony hits with big screen, general-purpose entertainment for a budget-friendly price.

Back-to-School Laptops: We Review Best Buy's Exclusives

As back-to-school deals flood the market, we look at four fixed-configuration laptops available only at stores in the Best Buy retail chain, to see how they stack up.

HP Pavilion dv4-1465dx Laptop PC

Bigger, better, faster, more: This notebook expands upon HP's all-purpose Pavilion dv3 while undercutting the price.

Toshiba Satellite M505-S4940 All-Purpose Laptop

Though it has awesome audio and decent video, the M505's slick looks won't fool many – it's a budget box.

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Dell Studio 14z All-Purpose Laptop

Dell's sleek, slim all-purpose machine that delivers a great all-around package -- so long as you won't miss an optical drive.

Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook

Dell courts classrooms with this Latitude's kid-friendly touchscreen, but the big-boned netbook skimps on space.

Samsung Go Netbook

The colorful coated shell on the Samsung Go is anything-but-subtle, but it gets a nod as a stylish -- and potentially good kid-friendly -- computer.