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How to Buy a Business Laptop

Follow our business-laptop buying guide to find a notebook that's perfectly suited for a corporate raider.

How to Buy an All-Purpose Laptop

Looking for good value in a notebook? Here's our all-purpose laptop buying guide for the average Joe.

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Special Needs, Special Laptops

Ruggedized laptops and tablet PCs are intriguing options for anyone who works in unusual conditions or favors touch input.

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How to Buy an Ultraportable Laptop

With the advice in our ultraportable laptop buying guide, you can find a thin-and-light notebook that's ideal for travel.

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How to Buy a Netbook

Our netbook buying guide will show you how to pick a great companion for a hard-working student, or anyone else.

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The Goofiest Game Gear Ever Made

Take a walk down memory lane with some of the odder game controllers ever conceived.

Hands on with Sony VAIO VGN-NW180J/S

Sony's put together a tasty-looking entertainer notebook (with a BD-ROM) for $880.

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Fujitsu LifeBook M2010 Netbook

While it may come in flashy colors, the LifeBook M2010 is fairly plain Jane as far as netbooks go--and lags a little in battery life.

nVidia 200M GPUs: 'Twice the Power, Half the Battery Drain'

Nvidia announces new GPUs that'll appear in notebooks soon -- and offer twice the power of last-gen GPUs. Is it too good to be true?

Goodbye, Comcast (or 'How I Learned to Love the Internet')

As national broadcasters flip the switch on the long-anticipated digital TV upgrade, here's how one nerd is now saving money on his cable bill.

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E3 2009: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Games and Tech

From Microsoft's no-controls 'Natal' to Sony's PlayStation 3D motion sensor to Nintendo's quirky Wii vitality gauge, what was hot -- or not -- at this year's E3.

The $20,050 Video Game

Want to play war games like some evil mastermind? All you need is this touch table...and a game coming out early next year.

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E3 2009 in Pictures

Videogames, protestors, and parties: A candid day-in-the-life look at what an editor sees when he roams a video game tradeshow.

Wacky (but Good) Wii Gear at E3

Guns, keypads and more come to the Wii.

The DSi Gets a Zoom Lens

One wacky peripheral will improve your shots -- and, apparently, make your portable gaming device a whole lot less portable.