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DJ Hero, Up Close

A game that'll bring music mixing to the masses, introduces yet another musical controller and a whole other way to play.

Tony Hawk's Ride: Foot-On Test

How does a plastic skate deck feel compared to the real thing? And is it yet another peripheral to clutter up your living room?

Logitech G940 Flight System Readies for Takeoff

The peripheral maker finally jumps into the flight sim space. It looks good, but is it a little late to the party?

Rebirth of the Power Glove

The PC gets a gaming peripheral straight out of the Matrix.

The Beatles: Rock Band--Up Close, in Concert

Hands-on with the gear for the new Beatles game. Also, the game developers put on a concert.

Hands-On with Sony PSP Go

We take a quick test drive with Sony's revamped PSP

New Wii Workout Games Debut at E3

Wii Fit to get even more competition in the home workout game.

E3: Back and Better Than Ever

As the video game industry trade show kicks off, the stars come out to play--and the new gear blows us away.

Fujitsu M2010 vs. Toshiba NB205: Netbook Fight Night

Two new netbooks enter the ring. Which one wins this welterweight match-up--Toshiba's NB205 or Fujitsu's M2010?

The E3 Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt

Place your orders for random things you'd like to see photos of at E3. Our intrepid reporter will see how many of them he can snag.

MSI X340

MSI’s slim ultraportable X340: The Average Joe's MacBook Air.

Dell Exits Gaming, Alienware Invades with New M17x Notebook

The PC game machine maker lifts the lid on a sleek new design and talks about the next level in the Alienware-Dell relationship.

Wii Workout Games vs. a Personal Trainer

A professional personal trainer takes on four Wii Workout games to see what works, what doesn't--and who needs to go back to the gym.

Hands-on: HP Mini 110

HP's newest netbook is an economy-class version of the company's popular Mini 1000 line. So, what corners get cut and is this mini-laptop worth its weight? Read our first impressions.

Asus Eee PC 1008HA Netbook

Asus's next netbook might make you look twice. It's sexy, it's white--but it's not a Mac.