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Lenovo IdeaPad S12: The First Ion Netbook

Lenovo announces the first sub-$500 netbook that could theoretically play 3D games and HD video. Find out all the details of what this Intel Atom, Nvidia Ion PC can do.

Cancel Your Cable, Watch TV on an Xbox

Can one program installed on your PC beat cable providers at their own game? Read one man's personal quest to avoid a crummy digital upgrade box.

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Dell's Latest Latitude 2100: A Kid-Centric Netbook

Dell goes after the education market with a kid-centric netbook, but will it make the grade?

Death to Gaming Mice

Expensive, slick status symbols for hardcore. But are they worth the money? And, for that matter, are they safe for your hands? We look at two wireless gaming mice to find out.

Hands-On: Asus Eee PC 1008HA, UX50, and U80V

It's not a MacBook--but the 1008HA sure feels like one. We take a preview model of Asus' newest Eee netbook for a quick spin and get a glimpse of other new Asus laptops on the way.

Lenovo IdeaPad S10 (High Capacity)

A few nips here, a few tucks there; Lenovo's l'il laptop gets a few upgrades--and drops the price in the process. Not a bad netbook deal.

The Hottest Games of Summer 2009

From Nintendo's Punch-Out to EA's third tango with The Sims, we line up our summer picks--and then we let you know how we really feel about them.

Attack of the Zombie Games

There's a pandemic! Zombie games are everywhere! Are there enough good ones to play or has yet another meme jumped the shark? Find out in this week's Casual Friday.

Kids vs. Zombies

Play a plucky kid defending against zombies in this iPhone tower defense game.

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7 Days Apocalypse

Fight zombies in this shooter for the iPhone.

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HP Announces ProBook: The Cost-Conscious Business Laptop

HP reinvents its low-end business line with sweeter style and a solid software bundle.

Hands-On: HP ProBook 4510s

Hands-on with the HP ProBook 4510s: Get a peek at HP's attempt to create a style-minded business book that watches your bottom line.

Dell Adamo

Dell tries to out-Apple Apple's MacBook Air. Read the review to find out how it fared.

9 Lego Games You’ll Never See

Lego: harmless fun, creative and kid-friendly. But when happens when those blocks go horribly awry? Here are a couple Lego-ish videogames that you’ll never see—but wish you did.

Samsung NC10 Netbook

Samsung's first dip into the netbook market has it's flaws, but still manages to deliver where it counts: A good battery life with a semi-stylish case.