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IT Managers Ignore Wireless at Their Peril

Wireless communication, once the domain of broadcasters and carriers, is now available everywhere we work, play, study, dine and drink coffee.

The Next Generation May be 'Chipped'

You may reject the idea of a microchip implant, but your grandkids could welcome "uberveillance," a researcher says.

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Technology and Beer: A Love Story

Beer is the world's oldest alcoholic beverage, but technology is integral to modern brewers.

China Readies Internet Blackout for Tiananmen Square Anniversary

An anonymizer network used to bypass Internet filters has identified an uptick in Chinese censorship in anticipation of the anniversary of the revolt.

Australian Cereal Hacker on Defacement Rampage

The websites of Kellogg's, Nutri-Grain, Vogel's and Specialty Cereals were hit in a string of mass defacements on Sunday.

Kaspersky: A Profile of the Virus-Fighter

Here's an introduction to the person behind the antivirus software: Eugene Kaspersky.

Cheap Smartphones Sales Climb

Mid-range smartphones are proving recession-proof, according to IDC analysts.

BBC Botnet 'Reckless,' May Inspire Copycats

Security company Sophos has lashed out at the BBC for commandeering some 22,000 computers earlier this month.

Swedes Harbor Pirates, But Don't Use Their Warez

An Australian study revealed more people there use pirated software than in the home of the popular Pirate Bay site.

Apple Displaces Microsoft in Patch Reports

A security report finds Apple leads all vendors for vulnerabilities in the first half of 2008.

DNS Flaw Threatens Security of Small ISPs

The industry's slow patching of a known DNS flaw puts small ISPs at greatest risk of online fraud, researchers say.