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Dave Johnson is a writer and photographer who has covered technology for magazines such as PCWorld and Wired. He is currently the Editorial Director for eHow.com's Tech channel. Dave is the author of How to Do Everything with Your Digital Camera, and over a dozen other books.

Five Quick Tips for Better Holiday Photos

Follow this simple advice and take great photos at holiday get-togethers this year.

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Three Ways to Take Photos at Twilight

Get your camera out as the sun goes down for some gorgeous photos.

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Blur Photos Artistically With Your Camera's Zoom

Create a trippy effect with your digital SLR--no photo editor required.

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Frequently Asked Photo Questions for October

Dave answers questions about noise in high-ISO photos, capturing better color, recovering lost image files, shooting action at night, and more.

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Holiday Gifts for Photography Buffs: Digital Cameras, Flash Attachments, and Books

The holiday season is just around the corner--here are some gift ideas for the photography lover in your life (even if that's you).

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Improve Your Exposure in Tricky Lighting

Use your regular image editor and only one photo to get High Dynamic Range-like results from washed-out images.

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