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Dave Johnson is a writer and photographer who has covered technology for magazines such as PCWorld and Wired. He is currently the Editorial Director for eHow.com's Tech channel. Dave is the author of How to Do Everything with Your Digital Camera, and over a dozen other books.

Frequently Asked Photo Questions for August

Dave answers questions about free high dynamic range software, formatting memory cards, selling photos online, and more.

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Luminance HDR

This free high dynamic range processing tool creates composite photos with gorgeous colors.

Solve Photo Problems With Image-Editing Tools

Use Adobe Photoshop to liven up gray skies in your landscapes and remove distracting bystanders. Plus: Make high-quality photo enlargements for free with SmillaEnlarger.

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Two Ways to Freeze Action With Your Flash

Explore unusual ways to use your camera's flash with a slow shutter speed in low-light scenes.

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Edit and Organize Your Photos for Free With Picasa

Here's how Picasa stacks up against Windows Live Photo Gallery as a free way to edit and store your photos.

How to Photograph Waterfalls and Moving Water

Follow these photography tips to get the best photos of moving water with your digital camera.

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Photo Contest: Hot Pics for July

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these shots.

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Five Tips for Taking Photos of Animals

Here's how to take excellent photos of animals--whether they're household pets or wildlife.

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Frequently Asked Photo Questions for July

Dave answers questions about using old lenses on digital SLRs, making poster-sized prints, copying photos back to your camera's memory card, and more.

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Take Great Photos at Night

Follow these photography tips to get exciting shots of the city in motion, capture lit-up buildings and monuments, and take photos in dimly lit concert halls and clubs.

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Windows Live Photo Gallery Wave 4: Five Reasons to Try

There's a treasure trove of free photo tools in Microsoft's new Windows Live Essentials.

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Get Started With Paint.NET

Give Adobe Photoshop a rest and learn how to use the powerful free photo editor Paint.NET.

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