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Dave Johnson is a writer and photographer who has covered technology for magazines such as PCWorld and Wired. He is currently the Editorial Director for eHow.com's Tech channel. Dave is the author of How to Do Everything with Your Digital Camera, and over a dozen other books.

Improve Black-and-White Photos, Obtain Ideal Scanner Settings, and More

Dave answers questions about adjusting vintage black-and-white photos, setting a scanner to shoot slides and negatives, correcting perspective distortion, and other topics.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Cropping

One of your photo editor's most common tools has a lot of hidden power. Here's how to use it for the best results.

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Startrails Helps You Make Images of a Night's Worth of Sky

With Startrails donationware, you can create videos or still images of star-trails.

Create Beautiful Star-Trail Photos With Almost Any Camera

Armed with manual exposure controls and a tripod, you can take stunning night photos.

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The best and worst services for digitizing your photos

DigMyPics, GoPhoto, ScanCafe, ScanDigital, and ScanMyPhotos: We compared five popular slide-, photo-, and negative-scanning sites to see which one is the best fit for you.

How to Edit Photos With Adobe's Camera Raw

Here are some tips for using the mini photo editor that you've probably always ignored.

How to Take Better Photos With Your Phone

Here are four great tips for capturing better-quality photos with your smartphone's camera.

Make White Backgrounds White, Shoot a Wedding, Photos in Court, Best Time to Sharpen, and More

Dave answers questions about unexpected spots in flash photos, detecting foul play with the date stamp, digital workflow, and more.

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Use Clone and Healing Tools to Clean Up Photos

Here's how to remove unwanted elements from your photos with a pair of simple tools.

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Mastering Your Camera's Many Exposure Modes

Learn when you should take your camera out of Auto mode--and where you should put it.

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Use the Aperture to Control the Background in a Photo

Your camera's aperture setting gives you creative control over the look and feel of your photos--learn how to use it properly.

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Scanning Negatives, Shooting the Moon, Fixing the Colors in a Photo

Dave answers questions about white balance, shooting action photos, scanning old negatives, and more.

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Flash and Lighting Tips From the Pros

Flash photos don't have to be harshly lit--here's what you need to know to get better photos when using your camera's flash.

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