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Dave Johnson is a writer and photographer who has covered technology for magazines such as PCWorld and Wired. He is currently the Editorial Director for eHow.com's Tech channel. Dave is the author of How to Do Everything with Your Digital Camera, and over a dozen other books.

Best Bets for Photo Sharing Sites

Of all the photo sharing sites out there--Flickr, Shutterfly, Snapfish, and more--which are the best?


Free Photo Editing, White Balance Settings, Photographing Stars, and More Q&A

Dave answers questions about fixing blurry photos, free image editing, getting the right white balance, and taking photos of stars.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Portrait and Outdoor Photographers

Need a gift for the photographer on your holiday list? Check out these cameras, photo editors, and accessories for portrait and outdoors photography.

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Photography Gift Guide for Casual and Action Photographers

These cameras, camera bags, and accessories are ideal for casual snapshooters and photographers who love taking action shots.

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Holiday Gifts for New and Growing Photographers

Have a budding photographer in your family? Check out these gift ideas, like image editors, how-to books, and cameras to grow with.

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Turn Your Digital Pictures Into a Photo Strip

Use an image editor like Adobe Photoshop Elements to create a novelty gift that looks like it came from a photo booth.

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Tips for Taking Better Photos During the Holidays

With the right preparations and camera settings, you can get good results in tricky lighting during parties and family gatherings, take evocative close-ups of candles and other decorations, and get great group shots.

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Five Tips for Great Thanksgiving Photos

Follow this practical advice and take better pictures around the Thanksgiving table this holiday season.

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Make the Free GIMP Photo Editor Easier to Use

The free Adaptable GIMP add-on adds recipes for common photo editing tasks to the open-souce image editor.

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