Natal to Be on MTV With Cirque Du Soleil

Microsoft is doing more than just demoing Project Natal at this year's E3, as the product's premiere will include a performance from the artistic acrobatic performance group, Cirque Du Soleil.

Street Fighter Legacy: Awesome Live-Action Short Movie

High-quality short film Street Fighter: Legacy is tearing up YouTube at nearly 1 million hits. With fan enthusiasm riding high, producer/director Joey Ansah already has his sights on the next step in what he hopes may turn into a series.

LittleBigPlanet 2 Announced, Coming to PS3 This Winter

LittleBigPlanet 2 was announced by Sony Computer Entertainment today, bringing tons of new customization options and full backwards compatibility with previously-made levels.

New Xbox Arcade Bundle

Microsoft has added to games to it's cheapest Xbox 360 system bundle, the $200 Arcade console. For a limited time, purchasers of the console will get two free...

Bungie, Activision Execs Discuss Their Partnership

The 10-year deal between Activision and Bungie is one of the largest-scale partnerships in gaming.

Bungie, Activision Seal a 10-Year Deal

Major third party publisher Activision and famed Halo developer Bungie have announced that they have entered into a 10-year exclusive partnership, in which Bungie will create new IP for Activision.

Nintendo DS Blood-Sugar Testing Accessory Coming to the US

Bayer's Didget, an FDA-approved device that allows players to transmit diabetes test data to a Nintendo DS in order to earn new minigames, will be coming to the...

38 Infinity Ward Workers Sue Activision for $125M in Bonuses

Modern Warfare 2 developers seeking between $75 million and $125 million in unpaid bonuses, plus up to $500 million in punitive damages.

Rock Band Network Arrives on PlayStation

After a month on the Xbox 360, Rock Band Network has unveiled five songs on Sony's console.


PlayStation Site Reveals 3D Versions of Games

An promotion running on the UK PlayStation site hyping 3D gaming on Bravia TVs has revealed four games that will launch alongside the HDTV in June--Wipeout HD...

Sony's PSP 'Room' Service Canceled

Room for the PlayStation Portable, a Sony-developed service that would allow PSP owners to create avatars while communicating and sharing media in real time, has...

Nintendo Wins Patent Case for Wii, Announces Bundle for DSi

Nintendo has had a landmark day for both of its current systems, as the company has announced a new bundle for the DSi while a patent lawsuit levied against the...

Report: Conan O'Brien Negotiated With MS About Xbox Program

Report: Conan O'Brien negotiated with Microsoft about an Xbox program that would 'break new ground'

7-Eleven to Carry Used Games at Half of Its U.S. Stores

7-Eleven, the international convenience store chain, is making another large step into the used gaming market by announcing a program to sell value-priced used...

Activision Countersues Ex-Infinity Ward Heads

The game publisher has retaliated with legal action after two execs exited and sued their employer.