5 PSP Games to Play Before Its Lifecycle Ends

The PlayStation Portable is entering the fifth year of its lifecycle, with the next-gen looming.

Microsoft to Show off Project Natal in June

Attendees at the E3 gaming conference may be able to get hands-on with the motion-sensing game interface.

Xbox 360 Certain to Support USB Drives

Microsoft enhances the console's storage options by adding the long-rumored support for USB memory.

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Nintendo Says Next-Gen DS Will Support 3D

In a press release sent late last night, Nintendo of Japan announced the successor to the Nintendo DS--a portable system with the ability to play 3D games...

OnLive to Launch June 17

The creators of ala carte cloud gaming service Onlive have revealed the launch details for the product, announcing that the service will launch on June 17 on PC...

Gala Launches Final Fantasy XIII

The game's official introduction was a party befitting the epic scope of the series.

Sony Online Entertainment Launches Facebook Game

For the first time in its decade-plus history, Sony Online Entertainment will publish a game for another platform besides the PC and Sony consoles.

Valve Bringing Steam to the Apple Mac in April

In one of the biggest boons for Apple computer gaming in years, Valve has announced that its Steam distribution platform will be coming to the Mac in April.

After Super Bowl, the Who Heads to Rock Band

A "special recording" of the halftime performance will be available for the music game on major consoles.

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Mass Effect 2 Has Text Troubles on Standard-definition TVs

A thread has popped up on BioWare's forums regarding an issue prevalent in this generation's high-def console games--illegible text on older standard-definition...

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Microsoft Reveals Natal for Holiday 2010, Game Room Service

At Microsoft's CES press conference, the company revealed the Game Room service for Xbox 360 as well as a holiday release date for Project Natal.

Retro Games: What's Old Is New Again

Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man prove that gamers always have an appetite for the classics.