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David has been covering Apple and how to get the most out of its products since 2005. Now a freelance tech writer, he runs Finer Things in Tech, jots down thoughts at DavidChartier.com, occasionally starts outlining the great American tech novel, and might still get to snowboard Breckenridge one more time.

Jawbone Icon Headset Gains A2DP, Volume Control

The latest version of Aliph's Jawbone headset, the Icon, offers some clever customizability and unique iPhone integration. Thanks to a new firmware update, the...

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WWDC 2010 Sells out in Just Eight Days

If you were planning on attending WWDC 2010 but have yet to buy your ticket, I hope you don't take disappointment too hard. Despite an April 28...

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IRig Turns IPhone, IPad Into a Rockstar Studio

Your local guitar shop is apparently next on the iPhone's hit list. IK Multimedia has announced AmpliTube iRig, a complete hardware and software setup for...

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IPad 3G: How Much Does 250MB Get You?

If anything is revolutionary about the iPad, it's that Apple persuaded AT&T to do away with the standard lengthy contracts for cellular service in exchange...

Game Developers Join Forces for Humble Indie Bundle

It's time to close that spreadsheet, get out your gaming mouse, and tug at your charity strings. A group of independent, cross-platform game developers have...

Billboard Opens Submissions for First Music App Awards

There are plenty of awards for iPhone apps and mobile apps in general, but Billboard sees an empty niche when it comes to music apps on mobile gadgets. That's...

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Apple Releases Mac Pro Audio Update 1.1

If you work with FireWire audio devices on a Mac Pro that you purchased after March 2009, Apple placed a little gift in Software Update for you.

Apple Updates Epson Printer Drivers for Snow Leopard

Not content with releasing just a Mac Pro audio update on Monday, Apple also showed some love to Epson printer owners.

Phantom Fish Preps Update to Byline Google Reader Client

iPhone-slinging Google Reader users may soon want to reevaluate how they take their news on the go. Phantom Fish's Byline, a popular Google Reader client, is...

IFixIt Sacrifices an IPad 3G for Science

Like clockwork, the eternal tinkerers at iFixit pounced upon an unsuspecting iPad Wi-Fi + 3G over the weekend and laid out the internals of its prize for the...

Apple Becomes Top U.S. Phone Maker During 2010 First Quarter

After fewer than three years on the market, the iPhone has become the top-selling phone in the U.S.

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Padster Bags Padster

The $165 Padster, a messenger-style bag for your iPad, is aimed squarely at premium bag aficionados and anyone who finds themselves in a suit between the hours...

Tom Bihn Ristretto for IPad

As a bag nerd, Tom Bihn is one maker that I have always been interested in, and yet never had the opportunity to experience. I'm happy to say that the company's...

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STM Scout Extra Small Laptop Shoulder Bag

While I like STM as a manufacturer, and I've owned a few of the company's bags, I didn't like the Scout Extra Small Laptop Shoulder Bag (Scout XS, for short) on...

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Skooba Design Netbook/iPad Messenger Bag

Skooba Design's $50 Netbook/iPad Messenger looks and feels like a "regular"-sized messenger bag shrunk in the wash, but not in a bad way. It packages the...

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