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Comcast May Now Regret Suing the FCC Over Net Neutrality

Be careful what you ask for. A win in federal court set the stage for the FCC's plan to completely overhaul broadband regulation, opening the door to possible wide-reaching consequences.

Feds Threaten Apple's Control of iPhone and iPad

If Apple is forced to change its developer agreement, will customers suffer? Of course, they will. Who wants generic Flash apps?

Palm and HP: You Be the Analyst

Here are the issues to consider in deciding whether HP is smart or stupid for buying Palm. It's your call, here's how to make it.

HP to Buy Palm, Shake Up the Mobile World

Under HP's ownership, Palm devices could once again hold prominence in the mobile landscape.

HTC Android Deal Could Pay Off for Microsoft, Not Google

Microsoft might soon extract a royalty on every HTC Android smartphone.

How Apple's Secrecy Hurts Business Customers (and Apple Itself)

Apple is a company of secrets, but keeping them hurts its sales to businesses. It's time for Apple to open up, at least about Mac OS X and PC hardware.