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Vonage Offers Unlimited Int'l Calling for iPhone, Blackberry

The company now offers a $24.99 monthly subscription for unlimited VoIP calls to 60 countries.

Outage: BlackBerry Users May Be Upset, But Have Few Options

The second e-mail outage in a week leaves BlackBerry users concerned, but where can they really go?

Microsoft Loses Lawsuit, But Word Likely to Stay

Microsoft has lost its appeal of a patent case involving Microsoft Office and Word. Good news: We keep our software and sales expected to continue.

Texting While Driving 6X More Dangerous than Talking

Want to brighten this holiday? Tell your co-workers to stop texting while driving. Here's safety information worth sharing.

The Truth About Intel's New Netbook Chip

Intel's Atom N450 won't create the netbooks that business customers really want to buy. Plus holiday netbook buying advice.

What Racist Webcams? HP Handled Issue Well

When video of a black man complaining that HP computers are racist went viral, the company responded well. How would your business have handled it?

Yelp, Google Breakup Bad News for Small Business

Google and Yelp would have created a great one-stop for local business promotion, which is something we need.

Nook's Delays Offer Business Lessons

What can businesses learn from how Barnes and Noble and handled the Nook nightmare?

Android for Business? 5 Reasons to Think Again

When business users ask about Android, I tell them to ask again when the flowers bloom. Here's why.

Operation Chokehold Fails as it Succeeds (and Vice Versa)

The AT&T network survived, protesters got to complain, loudly. Let's call it a day.

Verizon: $350 Early Termination Fee Covers More Than Phones

Verizon reveals that its ETF doesn't just offset the cost of subsidized hardware, but pays other costs as well.

Windows Mobile Healthier, More Common Than Many Think

Some see Windows Mobile as being on life support. I see 7 million users and a platform that Microsoft may be able to grow. But, beware the next 12 months.

Facebook Target of FTC Privacy Complaint

Ten privacy groups have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission that seeks a roll-back of recent changes to Facebook's privacy policy.

Shut Down "Fake Steve Jobs" Not AT&T

"Operation Chokehold" is a fun fantasy that has gone too far. What if someone gets hurt?

Is a Google Netbook on the Horizon?

What won't Google do to extend its reach into businesses and homes. If a handset seemed far-fetched, a Chrome OS netbook almost makes sense.