Will Microsoft and Apple Team Up to Fight Google?

If "my enemy's enemy is my friend" then Apple and Microsoft have plenty of reason to work together, starting with the iPhone.

Google's Nexus One: World-Changer or Just a Bad Idea?

If all the rumors are believed, the Nexus One smartphone is Google's attempt to change almost everything wireless. Can it succeed?

McDonald's to Offer Free Wi-Fi Internet Access

Road Warriors rejoice! Soon Wi-Fi access will be free at 11,000 McDonald's, no purchase required.

Stephen Covey's New Habit Hurts His e-Readers

Bestselling business author Stephen R. Covey has made a deal to make electronic versions of his books only available on Amazon's Kindle e-reader.

Google Nexus One: Not the Smartphone for Business

In all the talk and rumor about the Googlephone there is something I don't see, and that's a great business smartphone.

On Privacy, Google and Facebook Are Much The Same

Both companies face privacy challenges and upset users as they try to balance privacy and commercial interest. Who does best?

Just What the World Needs: Google Introduces Goo.gl URL Shortener

Goo.gl works inside Feedburner and from the Google toolbar. It's not something we really need, but, if Google just has to do this, what can we say?

New Facebook Privacy Choices Help Business Users

Facebook's new privacy controls make it easy for users to present different information to business contacts and personal friends. Here's how.

Google "Nexus One" Smartphone Could Hurt Android

Will the "Googlephone" help consolidate Android or only fracture it even worse? What's a business user to do--buy a BlackBerry?

Predictions: Microsoft: Windows 7 Leads, But Office 2010 Lags

Techinciter's predictions for Microsoft SMB users in 2010.

Facebook Changes Privacy Settings Yet Again

Facebook has amended a blog page detailing changes made to Friend List privacy settings since new settings began rolling out on Wednesday. Confused? So was Facebook.

After Criticism, Facebook Tweaks Friends List Privacy Options

Is your "Friends List" really secure? Facebook has already changed its new privacy options to better protect the information, yet concerns remain.

AT&T Now Blaming Customers for Its Problems

Fresh off whining in court about Verizon's map ads, AT&T is now whining to financial analysts about its customers. And it is warning that customers should use less of the company's all-you-can-eat data service, lest it become portion-controlled in the future.

Facebook Privacy Changes Go Live; Beware of "Everyone"

The #1 social network has begun rolling out long-promised changes. Beware of the "everyone" option.

Google's "Living Stories" Aren't Terribly Alive

If "updated 17 hours ago" counts as living, Google's new topic pages for newspapers are already on life support.