How to Salvage the JooJoo

With a smaller screen, smaller price, and by becoming more competitive with e-readers, the CrunchPad could yet find a measure of success.

Is the CrunchPad - JooJoo Battle For Real?

Perhaps the fight, real or put-on, will help the JooJoo get a start in the world. Even if it doesn't deserve one.

Larrabee: Intel's Bad News is Good News for Nvidia and AMD

Intel scraps plans for a graphics processor and the stock market rewards AMD and Nvidia.

Yahoo Ad Interest Manager More Confusing Than Helpful

Does it really not work with IE8 or Firefox the way it says? I guess that's why this is a beta release.

How Will Verizon Defend Higher Early Termination Fees?

My bet is the $350 fee will be lowered before an FCC inquiry into why it was recently doubled proceeds very far.

Google Extends Personalized Results to All Users

The search giant now delivers personalized search results to all users, unless they opt-out. Previously, only signed-in users received them. Privacy advocates are concerned.

FCC Examines Verizon's Doubling of Early Termination Fees

The FCC wants to know why the carrier doubled what customers must pay if they bail out of their contracts early.

Apple Should Approve Fewer But Better iPhone Apps

With IDC predicting 300,000 iPhone apps by the end of next year, maybe it's time for Apple to be more selective in what it approves.

Google's Schmidt Strikes Back at Murdoch (In His Own Newspaper)

While News Corp. and Google debate, quality journalism continues to die. Technology may come to the rescue--as Google suggests--but not quickly enough to save Rupert Murdoch's newspaper empire.

Bing Maps Beta: Microsoft Should Repent and Simplify

If there is something to like about the Bing Maps beta introduced this week, it remained hidden during my visit. The user interface is a mess, but some consumers will doubtless like it.

Google Public DNS: Wonderful Freebie or Big New Menace?

If you don't want Google knowing even more about what you do on the Internet, don't use its new Public DNS. But it's a nice free service from a company most people trust.

Why the FCC Should Stop Comcast from Buying NBC

Comcast's planned puchase of NBC Universal would strike a blow to the goal of a free and open Internet. Net neutrality proponents beware!

Google Makes It Easier for News Sites to Opt-out

Publishers can now use robots.txt to opt-out of both Google search and news. Meanwhile, Murdoch and Huffington fight over the future of online news.

New Facebook Privacy Controls Just Weeks Away

Think you've heard about them before? You have--back in July--but it's now about to happen, FB founder Mark Zuckerberg says. Regional networks? They're toast.

AT&T: Not As Lousy As Everyone Thinks?

How much worse are AT&T's cellular and wireless data services than those provided by the other three major carriers? Not as much as we try to make ourselves believe.