Google Apps Marketplace Brings Cloud Services Together

Users of Google Apps can now purchase add-ons from Google's online store, making Google Apps more interesting to potential business customers.

New Cisco Router Supports 322Tbps, Designed for Internet Video

Cisco's new router for the IP video age could allow every person in China to make an Internet video call--at once.

New Browser Won't Save Amazon's Kindle e-Reader

An Amazon job posting hints at a new Kindle browser. But, it doesn't take a hint to know a browser won't save Amazon's e-reader.

HP Touts Flash as Killer App Against Apple's iPad

Support for Adobe Flash could make HP's Slate a strong challenger to Apple's iPad.

New W3C CEO Is the Web's Top Diplomat

As the new CEO of the World Wide Web Consortium, former Novell CTO Jeff Jaffe has many real and potential conflicts to address.

Verizon LTE: A Wireless Broadband FAQ

With Verizon touting 4G wireless speeds faster that most wired broadband connections, here's what potential customers need to know about LTE.

DocVerse Purchase a Stopgap for Google Apps

By purchasing DocVerse, Google can offer customers better collaboration in Microsoft Office documents, but it doesn't solve the basic weakness of Google Apps.

Google Should Take Its Broadband to Failing Cities, Not Happy Ones

Forget pandering by cities like Topeka, and Duluth, Google should select places that would really benefit from its gigabit Internet experiment.

Google or Not, the Desktop PC Remains Relevant

A top Google exec claims that in three years desktop PCs will be "irrelevant." But, he's wrong and here's why.

DHS Crowdsources Ideas for Cybersecurity Campaign

DHS is looking for ideas on how to better discuss cybersecurity with the American public. And the agency wants your help, provided it's submitted as a Word document.

Dept of Homeland Security Crowdsources Cybersecurity

DHS is looking for ideas on how to better discuss cybersecurity with the American public. And the agency wants your help, provided it is submitted as a Word document.

Google Broadband: Topeka May Be Sorry

The most important issue may not be what it takes to get Google to bring its gigabit network to your town, but what happens when the company leaves.

Why Apple's Really Suing HTC

Apple is going after HTC, maker of the Nexus One phone, but its real target is Google.

FCC Broadband Plan Likely to Meet Financial Resistance

When the FCC later this month releases its national broadband plan, its $25 billion price tag is certain to prove a huge, perhaps insurmountable, obstacle.

U.S. Could Challenge China on Google's Behalf at WTO

Google may get help from the Obama Administration in its ongoing conflict with the Chinese government. A leading Senator, meanwhile, wants a law that would penalize tech companies for violating human rights.